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December 05, 2012


I can't tell you how much I love this picture :)

Oh, it's perfection! My dd was always the one holding her hands over her ears and she sometimes still does............she's 12!
I say use it.

oh gosh, it's perfect! How quickly she is growing up. You have such beautiful children xx

Too funny!! Girl...I feel your pain Vivi is the exact same way! Ugh...a diva at 5!!! Such a sweet photo tho'. You'll always have it to cherish and have it to look back on when they are grown. ;)
Your boys are so handsome! Gorgeous family Andrea!! Miss you! xoxoxo

That is a cute one! I know how hard it is to get 3 kids to still still for a photo. Usually my boys look like they are being tortured or bored to death. There are strange poses and even stranger faces. It usually takes about 20 photos to get one that is even close to being good! Which reminds me I need to get some current photos taken of them... the grandmas are complaining. This one is very cute and would make a great Christmas card!

How adorable!! Grace xoox

so cute, the three kids...

So adorable! Where's the baby?!? :0)

Oh, so cute, the kids....

Your kids are all so beautiful! And I totally think this is a great picture for Christmas cards!

These kids, are so beautiful and cute...

oh gosh, it's perfect! i like them.

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