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April 05, 2012


Those are really really cute! I may have to try that some year. This year I'm really laid back with Easter. Everyone has a new dress. But a meal I have not even given more than a passing thought! I did buy some egg decorating kits at wal-mart so the girls can do that Sunday!

I just forwarded this to my cousin who thinks she can't be creative! lol Loves it and will make them tomorrow. Thank you for posting such cuteness. I hope you and your adorable family have a very Happy Easter. Grace xoox

Those are so adorable! How cute and fun. Love the twisties!

Totally understand about the busy-ness of a house project. Easter snuck up on me this year too!

so lovely. Those ties are just perfect, trust you to find something so pretty for even the smallest detail !

Happy Easter

What a fun mom you are. Very cute post... I hope you'll post before & after pics of your new pad one of these days. Love love!

Such a fantastic idea and absolutely adorable!! : )

~ Wendy

What a CUTE idea! Where do you find shaped marshmallows?
The only shapes I've ever seen are in the Lucky Charms Box...LOL
I guess I will have to investigate at my local Wegmans. Happy Easter!

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