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April 19, 2012


Happy birthday you beautiful and precious being! I love this post. Very soulful- and I totally relate to everything you said. I love the old lace curtains too...don't get rid of them! :) ps- the bunting is glorious..such talent. HAPPY HAPPY BDAY ANDREA!

Andrea, Happy Happy Birthday dear friend across the way!! ;) Your post is so true... how easy it is to get caught up in goings on of life. You are so right and I am glad you are feeling better. I need to follow your advice!!

here is to many many more happy birthdays! xo Heather

Of course you should use the bunting for your own birthday! Hope it is a happy one! :)

forgot to say LUVE the bunting! xo

Happy Birthday, Andrea! May you have a blessed day with those you love and who love you! Remember--the best is yet to be!

Happy birthday!!! You are the sweetest and I love your message. Hope you have a wonderful day! p.s. Not to get George off the hook or anything, but I love your lace curtains :) and your banner is so pretty!

Oh a very happy Birthday and oh so young! A good message in this Post, be true to ourselves, be our best friend~ Hugs, Diane

Do you hear her GEORGE???? Just trying to help, lol.
I say hang it all for your big day. I remember when I was turning 36, wow, now I'm 56. That's 20 years older than you YIKES!!!
I found myself again. It took awhile, but it all worked out. My babies are now adults, and the curlers (I still remember that pic of you) were worth it. I never did wear sweatpants, still don't own a pair and was never a sneaker mom, but I sure loved my P.J.'s... still do.
Make the best of it sweet lady.
Love from Canada

PPPSSS... You still have the bad word verification on YUCKY!!!

last October I hit 40. I still feel 16, but I certainly don't look it! I often look at myself and think 'dear God, what the heck?!'

My way of making myself feel good - regardless of how my face looks - is to surround myself with nice things each day. I write it down, so it's a genuine effort to do nice things just for me. Today it's freshly painted nails, floral plimsolls & bag, and wearing my pink raincoat. Little things that make me feel fabulous! It's too easy for mums to neglect themselves, mainly because we don't have time for ourselves, but little things are achievable.

Happy Birthday lovely lady. The bunting is beautiful.

as are you. inside & out.


Love the sweet bunting. You should definitely hang it for your birthday, and celebrate yourself.

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday Sweet Friend~ You will always be beautiful in my book:) (((Hugs))) Carol

Happiest of birthdays to you! I'm looking forward to being around you and your sparkle in a couple of weeks.

Hope just had a birthday, mine is coming up, we'll need to celebrate together while out there!

have a wonderful birthday Andrea! xo

Just wanted to wish you a slightly belated Happy Birthday! Love the bunting, going to make one for my own birthday - it just makes me smile when I look at it.

Very sweet! Happy Birthday Weekend!

: )

Julie M.

Have the happiest of birthdays, Andrea. From your faithful reader Lissa.

Yes, a very Happy Birthday to you!! Hope it was wonderful, Andrea, because you deserve it:)

oh i hope u had a marvelous day... your blog is always an inspiration

Excellent article, it is very usrful. I like it.

Can't wait to see your new creations! Congrats on your new life! Hugs!!

Votre message est tellement vrai ... combien il est facile de se laisser prendre dans les allées et venues sur la vie. Vous avez bien raison et je suis heureux que vous vous sentez mieux. J'ai besoin de suivre vos conseils!

Du hast Recht und ich bin froh, dass Sie sich besser fühlen. Ich brauche deinen Rat befolgen! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Weekend!

es macht mich lächeln, wenn ich bei it.I blicken oft auf mich selbst schauen und denken "Lieber Gott

It is so beautiful.This style is my love.

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