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February 23, 2012


Oh my goodness how adorable!! Sofia is a little girl now not a baby!! Ok she will always be your baby. lol aww I love her hat and look, Sofia and her baby have the same pacifier. hehehe So precious. Grace xoox

She is absolutely adorable! I love her big brown eyes :)

Too SWEET for words!

what a beauty she is! An absolute doll

Oh, she's so beautiful, Andrea. Just like everything else you've made!

She's adorable! One of your prettiest creations!

Aww, what a sweetie pie! Cuteness overload. :)

look at those eyes! she is a Princess! love her wee hat too:-) Rachaelxo

She is still the most adorable thing! How do you ever get anything done? I'd be spending all my time staring at her darling face:) Can't believe how big she's getting! oh how fast they grow - my 'baby' is SIX - gasp! time stands still for no one. enjoy those toddler days!

Those EYES, and the wisps of hair, and that HAT! At the same time I noticed all of that I actually said out loud "she's STANDING!". Thanks for sharing an everyday moment with us...she is DELICIOUS!
Xo suzanne

She is so sweet! Love her sweet hat! I noticed a cute tea cart in the background. What brand is that? I would love to find for my little girl ^_^.

Lisa K

so sweet! love her eyes.....

Sofia is such a doll!! Yeah, I can see why life would be so sweet...she's precious:)

Could she be any more precious!!!!! What a cutie pie!


oh what a cutie she is with her little "ba-ba" (that's what we called the binkie). so adorable!!!


I cannot believe this is the same little tiny baby that snuffled on my shoulder! She is so big!

They grow too fast! What a little doll!

Oh, she is so darling! Fun to see pictures of her again! She's so grown up!! I like her baby doll!

I just want to gobble her up! She's adorable!!!! Oh and that hat, that hat is the most gorgeous thing!!! xxx

Awwwww - she's So cute, and that hat is just adorable! lovely blog too!

Absolutely adorable! I actually miss the days when Zack had a paci!

she is YUMMY!!! absolute sugar cube.
thooooo, im still a bit partial to the hummus picture myself.
and i GOTTA ask--who made the hat!?? or where did the pattern come from??

My Girl
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Indescribably precious. I can't believe how big she has gotten and how long her hair is...I can't wait to meet her. She looks just like you. And that outfit and hat...you must be in heaven picking things out for her! She's scrumptious. Keep the pics coming!

ohhh... shes so cute!!!! plus the cute hat and the cute doll.... total cuteness!!!!

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