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February 03, 2012


A girl after my own heart! :-)

Yum! I can see why an obsession is forming! Those are lovely and I'll bet they are delicious too!

Yum, did you make those good looking taffies?

Where do you get your taffy? AND- what is your favorite flavor?

Tell me more about this taffy- what brand is it? You have a gift of making even the simplest things look irresistible. Thanks to you, I have so many different collections of vintage this & that's. Next I'll be collecting taffy, lol. ps- have you ever thought of taking up professional photography? You're a natural.

I'm glad you back to blogging.

YUM! I miss all the candy you used to sell! Id buy boxes of it!
Strawberry, lemon, licorice 'chalk sticks'. Was that the name of them? soo good!!!! Id love to know where to find some!

These candies are gorgeous , love the colors

beautiful AND yum!

ohhhhh, i remember when you blogged about those pink malted milk balls.
i went right out to walmarts to see if they carried them!!! hahaha! THEY DID!!

but i ate mine andrea!!! i didnt display them in a pretty way and take pictures of them, i ate ALL OF THEM AND MADE MYSELF SICK!!! LOL

Looking forward to see cool stuff from you guys!

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WHERE EXACTLY is this recipe? It was posted on Pinterest and that expects to have a direct link t the recipe, otherwise you are just playing us.

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