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February 15, 2012


I've been waiting to see these and it was worth the wait! They are exquisite! thank you for coming back to share your creativity and beauty with us...

they are so pretty. love them.

hope you had a lovely Valentine's DAy x

They're beautiful! I bet your neighbors are thinking, "what a lovely creative person she must be!"
Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you!

Aww your hearts are beautiful! I can not wait until your new neighbors finally ask why did you hang hearts outside and take pictures then run back inside? hahaha Love when I take pictures and people just stare. Thank you for going out in the cold and taking pictures for us to see your beautiful creations. lol Grace xoox

Beautiful! As always! Your creations are always so lovely!

Just gorgeous...they look so pretty hanging in the tree. What lucky recipients!

Andrea, these are absolutely beautiful!

Just beautiful, like everything you make!

Absolutely stunning! I want to be in one of your swaps!

The hearts are so awesome. You make the cutest things. I always love your creations. I don't feel like I'm very creative, but I think I would love getting to spend an afternoon in your craft room! :) I have one of the Easter eggs you made. It sits in my china cuboard and makes me happy!

Simply gorgeous! I love all your fabrics and lace!

Oh they are so pretty!

Oh I am so Happy to have landed on your blog again... :) I first came across your site when you were moving and forgot to put you on my reader list... Well you are Happily there now... I LOVE the hearts they are Adorable... I am looking forward to following along with you now... :)

Beautiful work! I saw them on Pinterest and came to see you here, wonderful blog. Your little girl is adorable, cute hat!


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