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February 11, 2012


not something sold in the UK, which is a shame, because it looks and sounds fab.

I'm a sparkly water drinker myself, but every now and then I like a change (that's when the pink lemonade comes in!) .

have a lovely weekend x

Nice! Never tried or seen these before but they are indeed very pretty. I'm wondering who carries Blue Sky...maybe Trader Joe's. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds good! wonder if I can find it around here!

Those are beautiful cans! I love a pretty package! We are not huge soda drinkers either, but my older kids love Izze. Like Blue Sky, it's all natural and hfcs free, but no pretty package either!

Hhhmmm. I'll have to see if they sell that here in Indianapolis. xo rachel

Yes, it's so delicious but I have not had this flavor. I find it in my natural foods store! Yummy! Jamie V in MT

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