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February 02, 2012


omy gosh andrea!!! I just recieved this yesterday, and it is even more beautiful in person!!! You absolutely made my day, it was like receiving a package of love!!!!!!
You are such an amazing friend, I aodre you and thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!!!!!!!

What a sweet idea. Lucky friend!

What a beautiful and special gift!!


It's a beautiful necklace.
I know she will treat it as a treasured keepsake.

I'm enjoying 60 degrees and lots of sunshine here in the mountains. So far this has been a really strange winter. January is generally very cold.

You have a lovely day,
Steph ♥

It's so so beautiful and thoughtful. She'll love it!

aw. i can guess to whom you are referring and this is such a lovely gesture of friendship and motherhood.

happy february, andrea! i hope all is well and lovely!


That was a very sweet thing to do! I love your necklaces - I want one so bad! Next time you offer some for sale I so hope I can get there before they are all gone!

Such a sweet & kind gesture...you are an angel:)

How beautiful- your thoughtfulness and the necklace. Keeping your friend and her girls in prayer. You're such a great friend.

a necklace very befitting tiffany! she is a doll!
cheers rochelle

I love this necklace and the sentiment behind it even more.

absolutely precious

I really like this.It is so beautiful.

With the change of pace of life, many people's living habits have changed dramatically, and now many people like to wash a bath in the morning, then go to work.The morning finished first if they are directly out easily cold, this time the hair dryer will be able to play it the power.

Beautiful flowers!! We've been having very spring like weather here my part of NC lately. I love it!

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