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January 30, 2012


even more gorgeous with a backdrop of snow! xx

Hiacinths are my absolute favorite flower! (Even if I don't know how to spell them!) I once found myself abusing nasal spray because it smelled just like Hiacinths! haha!

Ohio winters. Not my fav! Bright blooms always help:)

I'm off to pick up a few today myself. Hyacinths just smell so happy this time of year!

So pretty!! My paper whites just started blooming and the calla lilies will be next. My dining room smells heavenly!!

~ Wendy

Yes, I am tired of the cold! Let spring come...

Love your sneek peak at spring!

That's for sure! Lovely!

Just makes me so happy that you are back!!!

Lovely!! I'm sooo ready for spring;)

Beautiful flowers!! We've been having very spring like weather here my part of NC lately. I love it!

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