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January 15, 2012


Hi Andrea,

It's so nice to see you blogging again. I can see exactly why you relocated. What a wonderful life for you, hubby and your children to live with such a strong connection to your heritage.

I can see that Sofia is definitely enjoying the food. ♥

Have a wonderful day,
Steph ♥

I am so happy to see you have returned to Blog land! I've really missed your beautiful posts!! Looks like your family has had a wonderful time since moving home. My husband and I moved far from our families about 8 years ago and we have missed them so very much! I'm so happy for you that you are close to family again!

Looks like lots of fun! And I think it's wonderful that you want to stay connected with your heritage!

How precious! I grew up with Feasts in New York and go to so many different ones in the Summer. When friends visit they ask if there is a Feast somewhere close. lol Glad you are enjying your new home and all your family. Welcome back to blog land. Grace xoox

One of these days I will join my 90 yr. old Italian friend Lucy Delfino on Mulberry St. in N.Y. for the FEAST. She talks about it all the time when I call her. She's always saying "are you and Randy coming for the "feast"?. I know I would love it.
I'm glad you and your family are enjoying some great traditions Andrea. It's important for your children to have these adventures in their lives.
Just catch us up on all your news like this. So what if it's a little late. We don't mind.

what super photos! Can see why you are so blissfully happy with the move.

so lovely to see you blogging again, you have truly been missed.


We were there! But on Sunday, the day with the monsoon rains - we exited evening Mass to find the hill turned into a river! Still a wonderful afternoon of food and music and family.

So glad you're back! That last pic is precious!:)

So glad your blog is back...missed you. The kids seem to have grown and it looks like you are in a very happy place.
Thanks for sharing La Festa.
Stay well and happy. Buona Fortuna.

How wonderful Andrea to be able to celebrate your heritage in a town that has a large population of Italians. This will be a wonderful experience for your children. Which by the way are totally adorable! That Sofia is a cutie!! Beautiful family! Im happy you are blogging again and back to feeling inspired. I've missed you and can't wait to see what you dream up and create next! Hugs! xoxo,Jenn

I love this post, Andrea! What a wonderful thing to be back in your hometown, surrounded by familiar people and traditions. nothing quite beats the feeling of "belonging"! It seems I have a bit of blog catch up to do....

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