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June 07, 2011


your post title brought tears to my eyes before i ever even read your post!!! my heart longs to be home with my family too...we have one year left! i too have learned so much on this journey away from home that never would have happened if we'd never left. it doesn't make the true heart filled yearning of homesick feel any less though! it reminds me of how God wants us to feel about Heaven...always longing for HOME! so utterly excited for you dear friend!!!!

So glad everything fell into place for you! I'll be praying for you and your family as go through the moving process - packing, cleaning, saying goodbye to friends, etc.

Oh, and I wish I lived near your Goodwill b/c I'm sure you got rid of some really good stuff!!

Beautiful Ohio will be bedazzled with you and your family. And I can imagine you will be hitting the flea markets on a regular basis. Part of me is envious of your move back home. I guess I will have to settle for a vacation once in a while. Have a safe trip and fun unpacking and getting settled. I'll look for you to be blogging again soon.

Be safe Andrea, I'm so glad things have all worked out for you. There's no place like home.
Can't wait to meet you
Love Claudie

Good luck with the move and safe travels. Ohio is such a beautiful state. My mother was born in Cleveland so we have lots of family there as well as my sister-in-law. VA is a hard state to leave (just visited Lucketts antiques fair) but home is where the heart is!

Congratulations...and from one Ohio gal to another, welcome home!

No kidding that it's been a month! I hope all goes well, safe and smooth packing and travel and setting up in your new home!

Very good news! I hope everything comes together smooth for you~ Finding your dreams is kinda like a fairy tale coming true. Congratulations~

Was wondering why you hadn't posted for a while. What great news and how nice that your home sold so quickly!! Can't wait for news about the move and your new home! I grew up in a small town in Iowa and could not wait to leave - not I really look forward to my visits home - I have found so many interesting things there that I never noticed when I lived there.

it was meant to be.

Good luck with the move, safe travels, and enjoy the summer when you can :o) xx

So happy for you guys! Everything will work out perfectly, and you'll have a most wonderful summer near family :) It was meant to be :) xoxo

Congrats Andrea! Sunshine follows you wherever you go. ~xoxo

What great news to be going home. Safe travels.

Best wishes for a peaceful and easy move!! It sounds like you've come full circle. : ) I look forward to reading your updates and seeing your new home. God bless!!

~ Wendy

Such happy happy news Andrea! Congratulations and all the best wishes as you pack and move and unpack!

Your post put a smile on my face. I too, am an Ohio girl but left after college to live in Los Angeles because Ohio was too "boring" and I needed an adventure. Guess what, I ended up back in Ohio (Columbus) by default and decided to stay. Its been almost 19 yrs that I have been back. I now have a great hubby and beautiful little girl. Ohio is a great place to come home to. Best of luck with your move!

How exciting! You have very busy, I can only imagine all the work you have been doing!!!
Good Luck! I look forward to hearing and seeing all the news once you have settled and created a new home!!!!
Margaret B

Home sweet home...there's nothing better! I guess you've come full circle now;) Congrats, Andrea, on this wonderful opportunity for you & your sweet family! Wishing you a safe journey and lots of happiness in Ohio:)

Oh Sooooo many Congratulations to you and your family Andrea!!!
That is absolutely so wonderful for you. I had a feeling your home would fly off the market faster than your Beautiful eggs did!!! But WOW that is fast!!!!

And the best blessing is moving closer to your family. Absolutely nothing is more important than parents and family!!! I say ~ hands down ~ Amen to that!!!

Congratulations Andrea and I am soooo looking forward to meeting you in the fall!!!
Take care and pack creatively, using every nook and cranny!!!
Hugs to you my friend, Tricia K.

Good luck with the move..Looking forward to your updates and take lots of pictures of your new adventure moving back home.

Andrea, your post made me think of my daughter who moved to Florida and I want her to say--very soon--the things you said about coming home. :)
So glad to hear you are coming back to Ohio--I was born here and I love it--welcome home!

You're on the path the Lord has laid out for you! It was surely meant to be for you to move back to Ohio.
There are great antiques in Ohio including old millinery flowers too!
Keep safe and sane while you pack and take care of your babies!

Congratulations ! I am so happy for you and your family. It is such a blessing to live close to your family. Best Wishes and safe travels. Jan

Best wishes with your move and love to you and your family. Now I'm excited to see your new home and how you decorate it.

Best of Luck moving your little family to Ohio! I understand longing to be home. I grew up in Virginia and miss it terribly...but Kentucky is close enough i suppose. Wish I lived close to your Goodwill!

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