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June 10, 2011


just beautiful. As always.



I love the 2nd pair on the left! Lovely designs. Welcome to Ohio!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Which to choose? They are all so beautiful! I have been drawn to the darker metals myself lately. YAY the move is finally here! Good luck with everything! xoxo

I like those Ear Drops a lot, Andrea :-)

The necklaces are gorgeous, too!


They're all so gorgeous!! BTW, my young friend loved her bookmark.

Andrea! Ohhh everything is just so so beautiful! And perfect!! I adore your work! One day when I am not a starving artist I am going to email you with a big big commission list! :)

Happy Happy Summer to the Singarellas!!

xo Jenny

I simply adore how you use crosses and holy medals, I wish I could find more jewellery like this in Ireland. Beautiful, beautiful earrings and good luck with the move :)

Sooo pretty Andrea! Beautiful work as always.:) xoxo,Jenn

OMG! Those earrings are absolutely adorable!! Beautiful pictures too!

soo pretty Andrea!! hope you have a fabulous weekend!! hugs! Britt :-)

Oh sweet Andrea! My Mom brought her earrings into the shop today just as you had wrapped them with everything and I was in love! I was also jealous because I wanted those but they had sold when I went to purchase them, but I didn't know to her. We laughed. Everything you do is beautiful. Truly. Beautiful.

I am SWOONing over the ear drops!! Love love love them! Sending you good mojo on finding the next home of your heart. Blessings ~ Heidi

LOVE your necklaces! Absolutely gorgeous!

Lovely designs, soo pretty Andrea!! Everything you do is beautiful. I adore your work!

I love dangling earrings! In fact, I have a few of these all were given to me. I have them organized in an earring stand to see all my earrings at once and easily pick up the pair that goes best with my dress without having to rummage through my jewelry box frantically.

Stunning little treasures. Welcome back to Ohio, may your move go smoothly.

I'll pray you will have a smooth move. And that your jewelry/passion can come back out of boxes soon.
I know what it is like to have be without your dearest hobbies.

Love your new ear drops. Just beautiful. As always you are such an energetic inspiration.

Hello from your Reader-Ella,
My wishes are delayed but never the less
sincere--for happiness in your new

Andrea. I hope you are checking your messages.

I need to say I'm so sorry. I've only just seen your email from March regarding the sweeties. I wasn't being rude. Our computer blew up and had to be replaced. When we got the new one I tried to access my rainydayrosegirl email and couldn't. So frustrating. today I tried again and found I could reset my password. Arggh. How did I not notice that before? So, reset it I did, and then I found your message.

The answer is of course I will! Just let me know what you'd like and the address. I can get it all sorted for you.

I hope you haven't been thinking I was just being rude. It's been driving me mad not being to access that email, but I pushed it to one side to sort out later.

Anyway. Will reply to your mail,and I hope you read this message in the meantime!


They are gorgeous. Each piece gives me the feeling they have a story longing to be told. Just beautiful. Thank you.

Lovely designs. Love your new ear drops. Just beautiful.

HI Andrea,
I just had to let you know that I now own one of your delightful Easter Eggs! I blogged about it recently, if you have time to check that out.
I was at my sister's in Kansas and spotted it in her china cupboard. I immediately dug it out and started yelling for my sis to come tell me where she got it! I just KNEW it was one of yours:) I was just going crazy raving over it and how lucky my sister was to have been able to purchase one. And then she said I could HAVE it!!! She had 2 and had thought she'd give me one when she bought them and just never sent it to me! I was beyond thrilled. I love your stuff. i want a necklace and bracelt sometime too if I'm ever fast enough to get to them before they are sold out.
anyway, i know how busy I get and I dont' have time to keep up with all the blogs out there, so thought I'd let ya know this way!
Have you moved yet? Cause I live in Ohio and would love to meet you sometime. If you follow McMaster and storm I'm sure you've seen the add about their 'Brick Farmhouse Event'. I'm helping Kara with it and setting up my own pop-up shop!! If you can come see us there - would LOVE to meet you in person. And bring that adorable daughter with you - all of your lovely family if ya want!!
God Bless!

Simply beautiful.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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