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May 14, 2011


Oh my goodness...she's so adorable!!

And it's good for you! I love my hummus~

God, she looks just like you when she smiles.....:)

love it! No harm in making a mess, and if it's something she will eat too, well, that's just fabulous!


Oh goodness, she is darling! And I see she has some teeth! I was wondering if you were going to post a picture of her soon - she is too cute, love her big brown eyes. Nice that she likes "healthy" food too!!

Who doesn't? Definitely a cutie with a good palate. Blessings, Marta.

She is so cute girl!!

She is such a doll baby!!!

Yay! Something she'll eat! She is just as cute as a button, Andrea! I think she looks like her mama!!

Sofia is a cute little girl! She really looks like Mario, isnt she? Loooove all your babies! xoxo, Christine

What a good mother you are letting her have her fun!

Hummus is huge in our house too (except with Sam, of course!). So glad she found something she likes...and healthy, too!

I thought I would see little Sohia with a tub of Chocolate icing, but Humous??? HA HA HA
Now if you could just get her to spread in on a Pita : )

What a sweetheart!!

oh so sweet!

she is so stinking cute :)

She is BEAUTIFUL! I love seeing pictures of her:) I just want to pick her up and squeeze her tight. Good for you, letting her go at it. The happiest kids are the ones who are allowed to make a mess sometimes!

Adorable--I'm crackin' up!!

how do you EVER get anything DONE with such a cutie-pie around? i think i would be kissing those cheeks and admiring those sparkly little eyes and precious smile CONSTANTLY. she is so adorable!

Just Darling! Thank you for sharing!

Priceless! I know about those picky eater kids - good for her that she picked something healthy. :)
BTW, I am having so much fun making your bookmarks...I'm one of those who are usually reading a few books at the same time and now they look so pretty wearing my old pieces of jewelry...no more using random papers or leaving the book open upside down.

Hello from your Reader-Ella,
Sofia is a joy to see and she seems to love
her hummus. And did Mama make her bow?
I come from a family of picky eaters. Relax at meal time
and as long as she is healthy she will develop her
own tastes. BarbaraG

That is funny how, you discovered she liked hummus.
Glad she liked it. I am a fan of hummus myself.
What a cutie pie. Great idea to take the pictures. I am
sure when Sofia looks at them one day, when she is older
it will bring a smile to her face. :)

Sofia found a great thing at a young age. I love hummus too...let her enjoy this time in life where she can wear her food and it's cute! tee hee :0) YUM ♥

Pink Sparkles to both of you,
Stephanie ♥

Too precious Andrea! You are lucky! My children refuse to eat hummus due to the texture and taste. lol!! Hopefully, it's a good sign she will be a healthy eater. :) XOXO,Jenn

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