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May 17, 2011


Peonies are my all time favorite as well. My few have come and gone already so I'm glad to see yours.

I wish peonies grew here..... *sigh*

And Andrea, peonies are my ULTIMATE favourite flower ever also. Mine are just sprouting. I have 10 inch. stems right now. It's been raining so much here in Ontario. I want sunshine.
You have given me a little piece of sunshine today : )
Beautiful photos.

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. Second only to daisies!! When my second son was born, my husband brought me a huge bunch of peonies. They were pink (instead of blue) but it didn't matter!! :)

~ Wendy

Soooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing those with us!

mine aren't out just yet, but nearly. I love them too, and I always love seeing your flowers in bloom.



I love peonies too. Your photographs are magnificent! I can practically smell them...lovely Andrea. Ours bloom in early June and with all the rain we're getting they're sure to be gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

I love peonies, but sadly, I don't have any in my yard! {might need to fix that:} Your photos are gorgeous and I look forward to your "peony post" every year;) Enjoy their beauty!

The most gorgeous flowers! Makes me so happy.

Thanks for sharing these beauties! Mine are all fuchsia or white and have bloomed and gone for this year. I've planted pinks but for some reason they never grow. Love yours!

Andrea, your peonies are super gorgeous! Mine are still far from bloom time - so far only the tulips are blooming here.


I look forward to your peony posts every year! I love love love love love them! They are divine, you are so lucky that they grow well where you are :) xo

Truly one of God's creations! Thanks for sharing because we can't grow them down here and they are so beautiful!!

Lovely peonies! My favorite of all time...thanks for sharing! Your photos are quite beautiful. Mine will be blooming soon and I'm looking forward to seeing the new ones I planted last fall.

Sorry..left wrong link above.

BEAUTIFUL!! The pics of your flowers made me smile :)

You are so blessed to have these in your garden!
My daughter is having a seaside wedding in July and white/blush peonies will be her bouquet-yours are truly gorgeous-thanks for sharing the beauty!

Oh my gracious!! Those are heavenly! Peonies are among my most favorite blooms. Have a great weekend! HUGS ~ Heidi

Oh Sooooo many Congratulations to you and your family Andrea!!!
That is absolutely so wonderful for you. I had a feeling your home would fly off the market faster than your Beautiful eggs did!!! But WOW that is fast!!!!

And the best blessing is moving closer to your family. Absolutely nothing is more important than parents and family!!! I say ~ hands down ~ Amen to that!!!

Congratulations Andrea and I am soooo looking forward to meeting you in the fall!!!
Take care and pack creatively, using every nook and cranny!!!
Hugs to you my friend, Tricia K.



I would like to make a suede flower like these...lots of work, but imagine!
To put in my hair!

My goodness! Who doesn't love pink peonies? Makes me think of vintage prints and spring weddings! Beautiful.

Such beautiful peonies! You are lucky, mine are always covered in ants. I can't bring them inside the house!



Wow.. Lovely Peonies. I like all. They look like very beautiful in such different colors. It's really awesome. I have Peonies plant in my garden.

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