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April 22, 2011


Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday Andrea! I feel the same as you - our son's girlfriends are in their twenties and when they are here I feel like I'm their age.

Stay forever young at heart!


Happy Birthday fellow Taurean! May all your wishes come true!

Happy Birthday, Andrea!!! No, I don't think we ever change :o) Sometimes I can't believe my age, 47. Like you, there are many times I still feel like a kid! That may be a key to staying young ~ keeping those youthful feelings alive!

Enjoy your special day.

Hey there, I didn't realize it was your birthday....so, Happy Birthday! I wish you the best!

Many Happy Returns From Across The Pond! I am 42 in a few weeks, and agree with you....I cannot believe that I am classed middle aged!!!! Who me??????? Enjoy your day..and keep that young spirit nurtured with creativity!!!! Happy Birthday xxx

Hey you little young chick, Happy happy birthday. Can't wait to meet in N.C. I'm sososososososo looking forward to your class. I wanted one of your pretty book marks, but they were SOLD. Good thing for you : )
Great year ahead and many more to come Andrea.
Love Claudette aka Claudie

Happy, Happy Birthday! I feel the same way about my age....I just had to share all your beautiful bookmarks on my blog today....Karin

Happy Birthday Andrea!
Wishing you all the best...
xo suzanne

A very happy birthday to you! Poo, had I have realised, I'd have got a little something in the post to you. Oh well, always next year!

I turn the big 4-0 later this year (Libra). crumbs. I'm just 16 too, surely?! I certainly feel it. Unless I've had a disturbed night with my little one (like last night), then I feel all of my years and then some!

Hope you have the most fabulous day xx

At 61, I feel essentially the same! It's quite odd. I do feel I have learned a lot...I can handle more and I am less up and down emotionally, but...still the same!

Have a wonderful Easter!

I forgot to say Happy Birthday, young one ;-)

Happy Birthday you young chickie! Wishing you all the best in the coming year.

Happy Birthday sweet Andrea . I love your new site. Beautiful !

Happiest of birthdays to you Andrea!! xo nat

Wishing you a VERY VERY Happy Birthday!!! And I feel exactly the same.....14 some days...and 75 other days...(the pack rat, sentimental side)

Wishing you a fantastic year!! Already off to a fabulous start...congrats on the CL feature!!! MUCH DESERVED!! :)

xoxo Jenny

Happy Birthday to you from your Reader-Ella!
Your new site is beautiful!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you dear Andrea!! Wishing you lots of wonderful, joyous moments in the next 365 days:) And I know exactly what you mean...no matter what the number {I'll be 45 this Aug}, I still feel like a young girl;) Hugs-- Leah
P.S. Happy Easter, too!

~Happy Birthday Andrea!~

Hi Andrea,

Happy Birthday! I hope all of your wishes are granted. ♥
I'm 18 years older than you and I still am so young at heart. It really is up to us to live with gratitude and kindness and keep our inner child entertained! I'll turn 53 on July 2nd and feel like my life is just beginning.

I love your website..it's superb!

I want to wish you and your family a blessed Easter and days full of pink sparkles...everyday should have them!

Stephanie ♥

Happy Birhtday! I saw a post on Karen's blog (Creative Chaos) about your book marks & I wanted to come visit. Upon clicking & looking at photos... we know tons of the same people... I just got back from Kim's event Moulin Rouge & of course Karla & Jenn were there... SMALL WORLD isn't it??? Anyway, LOVE your book marks & want to go look at some more of your blog. Again, Happy Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday!! 35 is a wonderful age. I miss it sooo much. I hope you enjoy your 35th year of life. It will only get better :) XOXO

Happy Birthday! I'm a little late but better that than never I guess! Hope you had a great day:) I turn 37 the end of May and I agree with you most of the time I don't feel as old as this always looked to me when I was younger! But at other times I do feel my age. Like when I go get the grey covered in my hair. And when I can't keep going like I used to. ah well, guess it's to be expected, just sometimes takes me by surprise.
Hope you have many more happy birthdays!!

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you keep celebrating for days to come. Thanks for sharing your beautiful self with us!

Happy Belated Birthday from Uncle Anthony and Kathy. Love the new site!!

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