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April 19, 2011


OMG Andrea, it is so so so beautiful. I cannot wait to attend your class at "ONCE UPON A DREAM". Your creations are FABULOUS.
I'm going to check it all out right now.
Happy Trails my friend.
Love Claudie

OH your new blog is SOOOO gorgeous!! I love your photos too, and the dreamy sweetness of everything. Like ice-cream :o)

I looooooove the new look. It is so beautiful. Hope did a fantastic job.

Hi Andrea,
My goodness, the new site is beautiful. Hope does amazing things doesn't she? I have been eyeing your necklaces for so long and this new batch of lovelies are my favorite so far.
Love them all.
And btw, what a treat to open my Country Living to find your beautiful bookmarks. Congrats!

oooh! Yes! I can buy stuff again. Yeyhey! thank you for that :o)

congratulations on becoming a dot.com, it all looks very lovely. but then I knew it would!


I love your new blog look, it's so pretty! The soft, pretty colors are so you.
And your new shopette is beautiful!!

congrats on the website Andrea! great look! xo natalea

Andrea, the new site is absolutely beautiful! Hope is so talented! Congratulations on the Country Living piece - the bookmarks are lovely!

Andrea, I love the new look. So pretty, and sweet, and FRESH and light. Beautiful, just like you.

Love your new site....so Pretty!

Oh Andrea, I'm so "in love" with your new site:) Didn't think "everyday beauty" could look any better...but wow!! You & Hope make a great team;)

hey sweet girl,
this looks fabulous!!!
Sorry i missed you last month.
i will see you in October!

I can't even describe how much I love your blog and now it is even more lovely. Just shared it with new customers. It's splendid.

p.s. I might be a little jealous of all those who got one of your gorgeous bookmarks. I popped over to buy some and I was too late. Lucky girls.

It is just lovely, Andrea. What you have created takes "center stage." Also, everything you have cteated is beautiful. Thanks for sending me the lovely ribbon rosette award. I can't wait to give it to my friend!

I love the new look, Andrea. Beautiful! Congratulations.


Looks lovely!

If you love two persons, select the second; Because you will not love someone else if you truly love the first.

Andrea, will you be making anymore of your gorgeous book baubles to sell? I would love to buy some if/when they become available! :)

If you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.

Impressive blog! -Arron

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i agree with howard that mr eseban has done a miracle. his gardens have proved to be very useful as they have become a community center, summer camp, and urban food oasis, is no exception.

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