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April 28, 2011


Your family is just incredibly beautiful, Andrea! That little Sofia is a natural with the camera. You are going to have lots of fun taking pictures of her. Love her Easter dress!

Everyday beauty for sure Andrea. Just beautiful and yes, happy : )

Such a beautiful family~sigh~made my day to see those precious photos:)

(((Hugs))) Sweet Girl:) Carol

I love those pics! what a beautiful family...
Mario and Sam are now growin up as little men, love them so much!! And Sofia is now such a sweet, beautiful lady. Oh how time sure flies...
Anyway, happy easter to y'all, the Singarellas! Have a great days ahead! God bless you
xoxo, Christine


What a beautiful and handsome family you have...just picture perfect! And I can imagine it's hard to get everyone in place and happy at the same time...tee hee :0)

Have a wonderful week,
Stephanie ♥

oh what wonderful pictures. Just lovely. Beautiful family.

Happy Royal Wedding Day! Beyond excited here!


Good Morning Andrea, By the looks of it …
The Easter Bunny was beyond good to everyone!!!!
And what Adorable cuties you have Andrea!!!
I hope you have a great Spring day!!!

Beautiful, beautiful family...with such sweet smiles!! Have a wonderful weekend:)

What a great family picture Andrea! The boys are growing in leaps and bounds, but the biggest change is Sofia. Where is that little tiny baby girl I last saw? I can see I have stayed away too long. Look forward to seeing you before too long. xo Pam

Muy bella tu familia. Your family pic is priceless. Thank you for sharing sweet Andrea :)

What a beautiful family, Andrea. ♥

Sofia has a thumbs up for us! Beautiful Family!

Such a beautiful picture!! Your children are so gorgeous and you are truly blessed!! I did the same for Megan as far as the Easter basket. A book, a stuffed bunny and a Hello Kitty dressed in rainbow colors. I had a blast dressing a girl for Easter for a change. I'm sure you did, too!!! :)

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

That look on Sophia's face is just pure joy! Great photo., Love, love her smile.
Hope all is well!

Precious baby girl! What a doll ~ all your kids are so good looking. Your family is lovely. Thanks for sharing :)

What an absolutely beautiful family! I adore your special space here and always find it inspiring and encouraging. Love the bookmarks! Sheila

So happy you shared precious photos of your family and Sofia on Easter. Your family truly is picture perfect! Many happy blessings! Love ya! XO,Jenn


Such a beautiful family~sigh~made my day to see those precious photos:)

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