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March 14, 2011


Yes yes yes... I'm lovin' it all. Spring is in the air for sure.
LOVE those sweet eggs, can't wait to see what you make with them.
You always have beauties in the making.
Love You
Love me

so beautiful. I wouldn't mind making a mess either, when it's this beautiful to look at!

Oh yes, I'm feeling the same way...hurry up spring!! Your pretty pastels are soooo yummy and offer a colorful dose of cheer:)

so pretty! YES! I am loving Spring and that Easter is late this year--more fun time!

Everything is just Beautiful....you certainly know how to find lovely things. I am so happy that Easter is late. I have been glittering everything in site in anticipation. Have a lovely wonderful day.
xxoo Valarie

I'm SO ready for Spring! Thank you for sharing your fabulous, inspiring photos! I just discovered your blog and smiled as I scanned through... just loveliness! :)

I do think it's quite lovely that Easter is late this year, but I must admit that with so much to do outside...I don't mind if the snow lingers a bit longer. It tidies things up a bit. Your pastels are lovely. I think it's interesting, too, that the beautiful rhinestone piece was considered just "a component."

Happy Tuesday!

: )

Julie M.

ah, spring! although i keep expecting a surprise snow storm so i'm leary!

beautifully dreamy post, as always. loved your princess and the pea reference. come see why:


I LOVE your pastels! those soft roses look so amazing. Thank you for making me happy this evening :)

(and it's endless summer here in Singapore with rainstorms in between... I kind of wish spring would "sprung" here!) :)

waaaaaaaaaaait a minute--wait a minute!!!

you didn't get those swatches from abby's did you??!!!!
oh i SLOBBERED over just those SWATCHES let alone what you could get made out of them! i used to carry those around her store while i shopped for other stuff--and she would laugh and say--"oh michele!?"
i'd make her laugh saying something stupid like--"oh, i just want to have them near me while im here"

i WONDERED what she did with those!!!


Your post is like heaven for me. Pure heaven. All your photos and finds are stunning!

p.s. I would love to know where you find your heart pins.

Your house is looking like spring indeed, Andrea! I'd love to be the little princess sleeping on a stack of Bella Notte fabrics!

Oh my goodness I just LOVE those photos! I would die to have those lovely roses I know that for sure! te hehe. So lovely.

So sweet are the pearly eggs! Love all of the sunwashed pastels and drooling over the crumpled rose. {sometimes it is the simple things that make a girl's heart flutter, lol}.
Have a great evening ~ Heidi

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love seeing all your vintage treasures!

I only follow 3 blogs, and one is yours as I am new to the world of blogs! I have just looked at your ostrich eggs, and 'wow'd over them all but particulary the aqua/mint and cream one..then scrolled up to see the name of it and it was 'Millie'..amazing..cos thats my lil girls name!!! Your work is gorgeous and your blogs so inspirational..if I lived over there..then we would deffo be friends :) Thanks for sharing..I look forward to your blogs xxxxx


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