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February 26, 2011


I've been up since 4:00A.M. It is wonderful SOMETIME....but I hate to get up early every morning and I usually do!! Nutella.....I am hooked. Try this....it is delightful. Mix it with some marscapone cheese, put it in a ziploc bag, pipe it into phyllo cups and top with a rasberry. The left over nutella concoction....just squirt it in your mouth!! It is the best!

Tee hee hee ;0) and I thought it was only me who sneakily indulged in the odd spoonful of Nutella, I hope you enjoyed every last bit. Wishing you lots of happy times with all your family back together and a happy weekend to you too,

Beautiful, Andrea. I love every little thing about your world. The heart is so sweet.

Love your "G" and "A", so sweet. So glad your husband is back!

There is a recipe for a Nutella swirl poundcake...it's heavenly....but dangerous...

glad your hubby will be home today. Hurrah!

I quite like it when I'm up really early. Tends to happen a lot during summer, so I make a cup of tea and go and sit in the garden. It's a little bit of 'me' time before the day begins.

Yum to Nutella. I rarely buy it because if I did, I'd just scoff the lot!

happy saturday to you xxx

Oh my goodness, I feel the same way.
I have to constantly remind me that i'm lucky to be so busy and have so many things bouncing around my head.
Thanks for sharing


Eesh don't talk to me about nutella, I buy it and then have to ask someone to hide it! Too yummy. Love the blog, you might like mine too...



Happy Saturday to you, too, Andrea! So happy for you that the Mr. is home again; my hubby's only been gone a week & I miss him like crazy:) xo

Hello to you too sweet girl. Happy Saturday. I bet your running around with the kids and cleaning, you know, off the rug lol.
I just cleaned puke off the rug from Bella, one of my 7 dogs. YUCKY.
I like the Nutella idea, but have you tried it with Peanut Butter rolled in a crepe? I also like Hope's idea with the zip lock bag. Ok now I need a spoon full too.
Hubby is making dinner again. It smells divine. Yes, I'm a lucky girl.
Oh, I have been trying a new blog if you care to come and sneak a peek. Not sure I'm lovin' it, but at least I'm trying.
I like your 3 column blog. You use Typepad, not familiar with that one either.
Hope you had a nap today, since you were up so darn early.
Love ya
Love me

Have a beautiful Saturday Andrea. Enjoy your family.

I have not visited you for a while and I miss you...so glad I found you again...I think I have lots of posts to READ! Off to get a cup of tea. Weekend hugs. xoxoxo

Every week I walk past the Nutella in the grocery store and refuse to get it because I know I'd eat the whole thing. But I just pictured myself sitting alone with a cup of coffee and a spoonful of Nutella...there went my diet. :)

need to stop by to say hi Andrea.. it's always great to stop by & smell the coffee...& nutella. xo Laura

Ha, Like of happy to know I'm not alone in the early morning/all all night crafting and mind racing.

As long as it gives me pleasure, it is my hobby.

Gorgeous, as always. You have such a beautiful style and attention to sweet details. Love them all.

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