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February 07, 2011


Good Afternoon Andrea ~ She is soooo adorable, crusty nose and all!!!
I love her soft little features!!!

Enjoyed the post ~
I hope have a beautiful day, Tricia

Awwwwe the little beauty! She looks just like you Andrea.
All the best,

Oh Andrea she's so sweet. I do see bit of her Mama in her - looking at your profile photo:)

Enjoy every moment with all the kids!

Sophia you are a little bambolina! Grace xoox

Sofia, what a beautiful little girl you are! Bet you have your Papa, Mama and big brothers wrapped around your fingers! xo

Hi Andrea,

Sofia is a cover model! She's soooo beautiful..thanks for posting a pic of her...just the perfect post to read at the beginning of my day.

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Andrea, Your Sofia is such a sweetie pie! Sooo cute with her flowered headband. Hope you had a great lunch with your girl.


Aaaaw...what a sweet & adorable baby girl you are! Thank you, dear Sofia, for putting a huge smile on my face today:)

Oh my, look at those beautiful big brown eyes. She's adorable :)

does she just make ya wanna LIVE IN THAT NECK!!??!!?! oh my WORD how do you get ANYTHING done woman??? haha!
honestly though--i have always thought that you have such a "classic" italian beauty, andrea,
--but goodness--
this little sugar cube is gonna outshine even YOU honey!! she's adorable.

squish squish kiss kiss!!!! :)



Sofia is too beautiful, what a cute post! Those eyes are too much! Thanks for sharing and for goodness sakes, feed her some pears already!

Oh my gosh....I can't take it! She is so adorable!!!


oh she is just stunning, such a little sweetie pie.

8 and a half months already! No way! Didn't you only just give birth to her? I wish time would stop marching onwards so quickly.

She looks just like you, Andrea!

she is so precious! my grand daughter just turned 5 months old and is my heart! your little one looks so much like you as do your boys. what a beautiful family!!

So precious! thanks for sharing her with us Andrea, she is simply adorable! Amy

Sofia Angelina!! You. Are. Cute.

i just want to kiss that sweet face!!!

She's a little doll!
Thanks for visiting with us Sofia!

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