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February 18, 2011


Ha Ha...I love you Andrea! LOL! I have an iphone for work and my kids tell me it is "wasted" on me. Anyhoo, you are still my favorite! I have some good girlfriends that I can say, "did you see Andrea's blog?" and they totally know what I am talking about. So thanks! I am going away this weekend to our "country home" (you can see it on my fb page...)and hope to make some pin easter eggs! Happy Spring!

Andrea Hi, I love your blog and do visit you every week or so I was the girl that won your tray and cookies and goodies> thanks for being so honest...after this last post I had to ask:

How did you mange without George home for 4 months? My husband leaves for 2 or 3 days for business and I become a wretch (mostly due to anxiousness of him not being home) I hate when he's gone and those few days are awful...I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders...I can't sleep at night etc...what do you do to let that go or do you? I guess I am just wondering how you manage when he is gone for so long...

hope it's not too nosey of me to ask...sending you xo


Wow! I thought I was the only one left who didn't FB, Twitter or Text! If you're Grandma Singerella, I'm the crazy old lady down the street!


It continues to be fun to be along for the ride!!

whenever you get the urge to blog, do not fear! you will have readers, no pressure! life happens and before you know it your little ones will be grown. enjoy them now! your blog is a breath of fresh air. thank you!

Firstly. So glad you hubby will be home soon! Hurrah!

I am just so happy I found your blog. I can't remember how I did so, all I know is when I started reading I felt as if I'd fallen into a fabulously glitterly world. It's one of my 'Happy Places' to visit, and even if you don't update, I am just pleased to know you are here. I'm with you there too, I like to surf into a blog and see how things look. If someone takes time to fiddle with html and add graphics and photos, then I want to see it!

I don't do FB. Last year, I opened an account and closed it within hours. Totally not my thing. I am on twitter though, and now I love it, but it took me a good six months or so to enjoy it. That said, I'm still not sure I do things right, but I do like it.

As for texting. urgh. I have a mobile phone that I take with me when I go out in case I have an emergency, but I've not even topped up the credit in well over a year, which shows my feelings on mobile phones perfectly. Something I can live without. So I am a Grandma too! And here's more proof for you. The other day the husband was trying to tell me how to play the dvd to watch the programme he'd recorded for me. He was giving it all this technical rot, so I just bellowed 'can you please just set it up so I only have to press play?' That's about my limit! I'm a total duffer.

Have a lovely weekend, lovely lady xxx

Happy Anniversary, Andrea!

Andrea, you are not an oddball! I love that you don't sit on the computer 24/7 ~ rather you spend quality time doing the things that are most important in this life! You are unique and awesome! We all don't have to facebook, twitter, and text to enhance our life. Good for you ! You go girl ~ I will always check for a new post. Your blog ia always an inspiration. Thank you !

Congrats on 4 years Andrea! I just started mine a couple of weeks ago, and I can only hope to still be writing and posting as long as you have. Your blog is always inspiring, with all its beauty and coziness, so a blog reader is not my thing either, as I like to soak up the atmosphere too. :) Here's to the next 4 years! Ciao Bella, Maria w/Magia Mia

Well, I guess you better start calling me "Grandma" too, because I don't tweet or have a facebook account:) And my texting skills...um...don't really have any;) You know I've loved your blog for quite some time and consider you one of my dearest "blog buddies"!! So, just keep doing things your way, Andrea, 'cuz you rock:)

P.S. Forgot to wish your blog "Happy Anniversary"! I'll be around for the next four if you will;)

Hi Andrea my daughter first told me about your blog a couple of years ago and I immediately fell in Love with You and your Beautiful Family. You are always so helpful and your blogs are always so down to earth!! Thank You for posting the new pics of your Little Angel she is growing so fast. Happy Anniversary!! You are the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!!!

You were actually one of the first blogs I started reading a few years ago and I asked where you got some playing cards on your blog. YOU SENT ME SOME!! That got me hooked for life!! Thank you for your pictures and beauty...and if you could share how to get poop out of the carpet...that would be good too! LOL! My sister just got a puppy!!

Good Evening Andrea, I so Love your honesty!!! And googling poop truly puts your perfect life into perspective!!! I think we all love anything you post as it is usually either comical, cute or simply beautiful. My hubby and I are totally not Facebook peoples either, texters, or twitters. We both love being in the 80's and it's working well for us. I truly believe there is something to be said about not following the pack!!! We're just too busy to keep up with all of that.
Congrats on 4 years, I know I sure love following all of your fun and sweetness. Next time George is gone for over a period of time you should let your blog land friends know so possibly we could send you some sweetness to help the time fly by faster!!! That's a long time to be gone and I'd think the more support the better!!!

I hope you have a great evening Andrea,
We'll I'm off to listen to my 8 tracks now!!!

Sincerely, Tricia K.

I love your blog. I thank you for always inviting us to see the lovely items that decorate you home. Your are a very creative and loving person. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Always remember, we are here in the good times and bad times. XO

I absolutely love your blog - and I love that I can read it without having to wait for all the ads and sponsors to load. Don't change a thing!!!! Your creativity is so inspiring - congratulations on 4 years!

Hi Girlfriend! At least I feel like you are since I have been reading your blog for 4 years and truly it's a favorite, thanks for the beauty and especially all the vintage eye candy. Who cares about the tweeting? I only do facebook bcuz my kids are all over the U.S. and it is a good way to keep in touch with photos and we (my hubby and I move a lot) so it is a good way to keep in touch with friends and family. From a fellow Catholic, vintage loving gal, your fan, Kellie.

I've been following you for years now and I totally understand the ebb and flow of life. Time passes so fast sometimes. I facebook to keep up with my kids but have no idea how to tweet either! I always enjoy the soft beauty of your photos and hope you continue to share-even once in a while!!

ok ok okaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
---i just GOTTA say ONE thing!!!!!!

i LOVE that you said "poop" on your blog.

it made my WEEK!!

You're a scream girlfriend!
Congratulations on 4 years of blogging! I didn't realise we had started blogging within a month of each other :)
Next time we chat, I'll tell you about a way you can have a 'reader' but still see the prettiness and be at that blog at the same time.... I don't use that particular method myself, but I think you would LOVE it. I think it was designed for you, actually, Grandma Singarella!
Thanks for all your everyday beauty these past four years. And thanks for the poo in the carpet laugh! xoxo

Oh, Andrea, you are lovely and you are a breath of fresh air! What a great post--I love visiitng your blog and am so happy you think the way you do--I agree and I can totally relate! Grandma Singarella you may be, but I'm right there with ya!

I found your website by accident. I was looking for some of the those Avon figural ice cream cones from the 70's and found it. By the way, I have quite a collection myself-haha! What a breath of fresh air your site is compared to alot of the garbage on the internet. Like some of the others, I look at your site because it has pretty, happy things to look at with no agenda but to share your creativity and adorabe family. You should be so proud of your creative talent. I don't text, do facebook, twitter etc. either and prefer the simple things. Thank you for the work you put into having this site and I will recommend it to my girlfriends.

I love your photo of cleaning supplies held in a pink(of course) bucket!

Whenever you can post is fine by me. I think we all need to realize that there are only 24 hours in a day and blogging is meant to be f-u-n...

Peace lollipops,


Your blog was my first peep into what a blog was. It remains at the very tippy top of my list. It is because of all that you share that I've found a creative side in myself and a passion for vintage. I finally "get me!" LOL

As for all this FB/Twitter/Followers etc...I say "huh?" I like the old fashioned way of reading and looking at all the pretties and letting it all soak in.

Springs coming...ENJOY!

Congrats on your 4 year Blog Anniversary!
I really enjoy your blog. Your posts are
interesting and filled with pretty things!
Even though I don't know you in real life, you come across as a warm person who loves their family. I like the way, you have your
blog set-up. Everyone has their own way.
I don't think you blog is lacking anything.
Thank you for sharing your blog, with us!

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