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January 11, 2011


sigh, that's just dreamy.....organization, shiny bottles, and sweet colors.....

my son would be in heaven! it just isn't dessert for him without sprinkles! xo suz

The sprinkles look so wonderful. I bet it brings a smile every time you open that cupboard. In Boston (maybe all of New England) the chocolate ones are known as "jimmys." No one seems to know why, but if you get an ice cream cone, you are asked if you want jimmys on it. There is sometime so nice about having an organized pantry. I can really relate.
Have a great week,

If only all organization projects looked like that! We're anticipating being snowed in tomorrow and tackling some little projects. Now how can I make Space Bags look so good? :)

I wish I organized that beautifully! Now if I can just get my closet to look like that ;)

Oh the sprinkles look so pretty! Organized & fun...that's a good day:)

You can come to my house...I have tons of stuff to organize!! LOL!

I think doing fun "chores" like this is what life's all about.

even though the colors are DREAMY i just don't bake enough to appreciate all those sprinkles, but OMGOSH im SALIVATING over the glass jars!!! hahaha
truly only you could make work look fun!!!
oh and i do wish i had known about your site when you sold the glitter, i have wanted some nice glitter for quite awhile now, almost as long as i've wanted that velvet ribbon you used to sell!!
ya know i bought that SomersetLIFE magazine Oct/Nov/Dec 2009 where they featured *y-o-u* right on the cover and your precious "Bejeweled Bookmarks"!!!-which i thought were so lovely~ but haven't been able to find those ribbons since--well, at least not those colors--but i have the jewelry bits ready from jewelry that i saved from my greatgrandmother and grandmother so i'll keep my eye out if i ever see that kind of ribbon while im surfing ~do ya think ya might ever go back to selling it again?
please? ;-)

So pretty! Organization has been on my list for over a year now. Ha ha! I'm hoping to take some baby steps to tackle the behmouth this year!

oh, that would make me happy :o)

I've not only regoranised, but also painted my pantry pale pink, added bunting and fairy lights already this year! So I totally get why you are thrilled to sort out the sprinkles! I'm totally going to pinch the idea, and buy lots of glass jars so I can decant my sprinkles on my nice, freshly sorted, Shelf For Baking! ;o)

Just when I thought sprinkles couldn't get any better. LOL! Love them :0)

Happy Day,

That's a really good idea. I have about 20 or so just odd containers that never fit right. All hodge podged on some tray in the pantry. And wouldn't ya know it I have some of those glass bottles too;)

Seeing your pretty photos makes me happy! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

I am so sure you are in sprinkles heaven! all so colouful and reminds me of rainbow and happy times! thanks for sharing Andrea! Have a great week!

Sweet happy results! Almost enough to spur a burst of organization of my baking supplies, too! Almost. :)

Only you can make sprinkles look so beautiful. BTW, I use to be very organized and then I had kids. I think I will do the same and try to be more organized, again. LOL

So pretty Andrea! I am trying to do more of this in my life as well. Question- where did you get the bottles?? I love the one I have with rose glitter that I ordered from you a couple of years ago. I would love some empty ones to put little pretties in!

Its such a good feeling, to get some things organized isnt it? I really like all the pretty colors... Amy

Definite eye candy!! Happy organizing and Happy New Year to you and your family!! :)

~ Wendy

I think we must all be drinking the same water, because Im in the exact organize mode as well. LOL!!! The jars of sprinkles is TDF!!! So happy and pretty looking!!! Have fun organizing while you got your Mojo on! ;) XOXO,Jenn

I love these bottles full of such pretty treats. Organizing and reorganizing seems to be a major part of my time lately. Best of luck to you!

Very beautiful.... love the colors...

it's such a great feeling to have an organized and pretty space. just clears the mind. love your vintage basket...a perfect fit. thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

It's such a great feeling to get organzied, isn't it? That looked like a fun project...everything at your finger tips...not to mention it looks pretty when you open the cupboard. Good for you!
Please come over and visit me.....I would like to be a new friend. xoso Sandy O

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