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December 09, 2010


Too funny!! Glad to see a new post!

little rascal!!

Have not forgotten to email you,just not got around to doing it yet. But I will. I've no idea where my time has gone this week.


Too cute... One of the reasons I haven't strung popcorn on our tree. The kids LOVE popcorn. There would be a sad looking string with bits of hulls left in short order.

This is too cute! I had an apple nibbler, my grandson took a tiny bite out of every apple in the fruit bowl!

That is hysterical.....and I'm postive the same thing would happen over here!

Smiling! I love the little bitten green leaves.

That is so sweet! Love the little wreath, Andrea!


Very cute ornament, even with tooth marks. Good job keeping the family peace! :) You are a VERY good mama!
It's a full-time job, isn't it?
I don't think we could ever put anything edible on a Christmas tree!

Our oldest daughter was always nibbling on something and putting it back in the cabinet or frig. We always knew who had been there and left teeth imprints. She's 33 and after she's been at the house, we sometimes still find evidence of little nibbles!

Oh so cute! I don't think I could resist those gumdrops, either;)

shame you could not have taken a photo,it would have been priceless!

Andrea that is hilarious!
What a cute little ornament! My youngest unwrapped all the gifts that my two older kids had bought and lovingly wrapped for me, and I had to find the matching paper and re wrap so their hearts wouldn't be broken! I will NEVER forget that!

How cute is that?! I'd love to hang gingerbread people on our tree but Bailey (our Irish Setter) would gobble them ALL up.

Just curious, is the newest gumdrop wreath still whole?

Enjoy Christmas with your lovely family...

"Gumdrop Nibbler" tee-hee I love the sound of that one...Great post. *hugs*

What a riot! Way to intervene and prevent a brotherly feud! Love your new banner, very festive!

Very Cute Post... and I'm guessing that Gumdrop Nibbler is pretty cute too!!!

This just cracks me up! Kids never cease to make you laugh in ways you would never expect!

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