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December 15, 2010


Very nice idea:) Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope you feel 100% soon!

Sorry to hear you were sooo sick. Yikes. Your children will follow your lead with regard to giving and appreciating what they have. What a great example you are. Hoping you enjoy a healthy and happy Christmas.

Hey A, I'm so happy I stopped by when I did! This is such a beautiful idea. I know we talked about the excessiveness of Christmas and birthdays before, adopting a family is such a perfect way to show our kids that there are children out there that don't have so many things that we take for granted! And the rewards are so great on both sides... xoxo Merry Christmastime!

Yes! I totally agree. Ted and I are trying to raise our children the same way. Mary wants to know why we can't buy her certain things "like the other kids" and I do my best to explain to her about living within our means. I think it's hard for a young child to comprehend it, but by the time she's 16 she will! If not, a part-time job will be calling her name! When all else fails, make them work for it and see what it's like to then see how quickly it vanishes!

Are those necklaces made from old rosaries?


You are such a thoughtful person Andrea. I thank you for spreading the idea of crafting & donating the profit, for those of us who aren't financially able to give! Brilliant. I pray that through you this family will be blessed & that God will repay your kindness beyond measure. You're one in a million. Blessings to you & your beautiful family. ~xoxo

you are a kind hearted soul, Andrea Singarella.

I'm sorry you have been so poorly. Rotten luck, especially at this time of year.

Hope you are well on the mend now, and looking forward to a wonderful family Christmas xxx

p.s those necklaces are just divine, I love them. x

You are so right on with so many things. I agree with the fact that kids need to earn money and pay for things early on to understand how things work. Our Christmas this year will be smaller as well and I am actually glad because it is helping us to realize Christmas is not abuot stuff like you said.

And you just totally scared me though. I need to hit the sewing machine for the PJ's for Christmas...10 days actually 9 now that I am reading it. When did time speed up?

The necklaces are lovely!

ps~ i almost forgot to tell you how much i love those necklaces! The glass melon beads in creamy hues are delectable. And paired with rhinestones & vintage rosary beads you've created something magical. It comes as no surprise to me that they're gone already! I hope you never stop crafting & blogging. ~xoxo

Words so true...I agree completely:) Giving is a gift itself, don't you think? And I think instilling these lessons and values{that you mention in your post} are one of the best gifts we can give our children:) Wishing you a very Merry Christmas...and I hope you're feeling better!
P.S. This time I'm not sorry to see all your pretty necklaces sold out before I even had a chance;) Such a good cause!

we give to children in different ways throughout the year, and while still doing that, after my husband retired and we moved to florida, he started a new tradition we enjoy with our teenage son.
on Christmas morning we get up early and go to eat at a local wafflehouse or breakfast place where my husband gives whoever our waitress is a $100 tip! last year was particularly fun because our gal was SO BIG & PREGNANT--i just couldnt believe she was even THERE! but she said she needed the extra $ that day would bring her to help her husband and her with Christmas expenses. she was kinda grouchy, and she was CERTAINLY tired, but throughout the meal i couldnt help but to try to draw her out of herself and talk about who she was. we ended up sharing a lot and enjoyed the morning and i could hardly sit still to watch her open her tip!!! her eyes misted over becoming SO WIDE OPEN searching for us as we had left! hahaha!!! what a neat thing it was to see her run in back of the counter shouting about her blessing (we could hear her thru the window! LOL)!
when she came outside to thank us, i just grabbed her hands and told her Merry Christmas and how she must be on God's mind today!
this year i can hardly stand myself waiting for the morning to arrive to see who will be Gods next recipient!!
just wanted to share.
oh! and LOVED the necklaces--BOY do they sell FAST!!! but i understand why, you really do have your own "look" with making these necklaces, definitely a gift.

What beautiful necklaces and even more beautiful sentiments behind them.

When the kids were little, our local library had a tree with paper "ornaments." Each ornament said girl or boy, age & a few things they would like. My kids really loved doing this. Each one chose an ornament and helped shop for that child.

Last week when I was in my new library, on the other coast, I saw a tree with paper ornaments. And a mom with her little girl picking out their child to buy for at Christmas. It made me smile and tear up that such a wonderful tradition happens all over the country and blesses children (both givers and receivers) in each new generation.

Such a fine lesson to share with your children, Andrea. And your necklaces are beautiful!

I loved this post! I too can't bear the thought of kids without gifts on Xmas morning. I always take a few tags from the church tree and off to the toy store I go... Barbie, Hot Wheels, Playdough, etc. Oh how I wish I could see the smiles and hear the squeals on Christmas morning.
Your necklaces are beautiful! I would have bought any one of them. How do people get to them so fast?

Merry Christmas!

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