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November 10, 2010


Everything looks so pink and pretty. I can't hardly bear to purge my stuff either.

I'm the same. I have a million teacups but still buy more when something catches my eye. I do use them though, I change my mug or teacup each week, using whatever suits my mood.
I hate getting rid of any of them, but I should, I could do with extra cupboard space!

:o) xx

Oh what a beautiful collection! I LOVE teacups of any size, shape, color and anything that is associated with them. My kitchen theme is tea and teacups. And they pop up in various ways in other rooms of my house sometimes, too. Thank you for the vision of beauty today!

Beautiful things! I could never part with any of them, either!

How lovely. When I see these I think of the teacup fairy workshop at SB and oh, what lovely fairies they would make!

Oh, my heart nearly stopped when I thought that you had parted with the souvenir cups, they are one of my most favourite things! So glad you decided to keep them, Tamara

It really is so hard to purge but so needed every once in while! I congratulate you on the one cup released though!!

They're all so lovely...I'd have a hard time parting with those teacups, too:)

What an amazing collection you have! I was thinking of Rachel Ashwell's book The Shabby Chic Home as I was viewing your pictures and then you referenced her in your post! How cool =)

That is the best eye candy ever! I'm drooling.

Everything is beautiful. I, too, get too attached to all of my china. Everything has a story and I just can't get rid of them!

I just love all your mixed dishes and how they really all go together! My husband is after me to get rid of some of our dishes to make room for food in our pantry! Like you, I just can't part with some of my lovlies! Happy Organizing!

Your teacup and china collection is gorgeous Andrea! Im glad to know you use them daily. They are too beautiful not to use and enjoy. I too love demitasse cups. I have several that were passed down from my great-grandmother and grandmother. I never use them, but I love to admire them often when in my dining room. ;)

Your collection looks alot like mine, Andrea! I have tried to weed them out but have had no success. They are just too pretty, pink and delicate!Oh well, Life is too short not to enjoy our little treasures!

LOVE!!!LOVE!!!LOVE your collection. I could not part with any of them. I don't blame you for keeping them all. Thanks for sharing.

I fully understand where you are coming from. I can't seem to part with my china pieces that I have collected either. It sure is fun to go through them though! Your photos are lovely! My husband feels the same way about our glasses, they can't go in the dishwasher either... hee hee. Too bad! But they look simply precious!
Annmarie www.historicallyvintage.com

Looking at all of your teacups makes me want to put on some tea right now! I have slowly removed a good bit of wedding dishes out of the china cabinet to make room for pretty tea cups and dishes to mix in with it. {some things just make a girl happy} Have a great day! Heidi

Du hast Recht und ich bin froh, dass Sie sich besser f├╝hlen. Ich brauche deinen Rat befolgen! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Weekend!

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