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November 08, 2010


You are always a bright spot in my day!
All the best to you my sweet friend...
xo suzanne

Andrea, you have been virtual support to me many a day! As for the fabulous brassieres, they would just would not do the trick for this girl! They are so pretty!

well you are such a nice lady, and a lady in every way. Not surprised in the slightest that so many people want to give you support in any way they can :o)

Pretty foundation garments! xxx

Wishing all the same right back to you, sweet friend! Though we've never met face-to-face, I count you among my friends:) Love the "support" photos...so pretty & feminine;)

Oh yes I know about those ups and downs too. Here is a link to a wonderful song that inspires me each time I hear it and maybe it will inspire you too.

Glad you're feeling better - love the mannequin! Also, looks like you have a white basket with pink roses in in hanging in front of your mirror (behind the mannequin) - that is something I've never seen done - like it - I may have to copy that idea!

I'm afraid none of those lovelies would provide the support I so desperately need. :) I am so thankful for the wonderful support that I do have from so many directions in my life, though. Thank you for such a sweet post today.

there so pretty xxx

I'm so happy that you felt "supported" today Andrea! I don't know what I would have done this summer without my girlfriends.

P.S. I DID have some good news on a medical test today so how timely was this post?!

What a beautiful post and what gorgeous lingerie. I am so happy you are feeling better. Been there...


Andrea, such a cute visual of "support"... hehe!! I love the ruffled one in the first photo. :)

All the best to you sweet friend, xoxo

You'rea beautiful person, inside and out. Love you dear friend!!! I hope things are looking up for you, and thank you for being a beautiful supportive friend xo

Well said and so very true. :) Hope you are well, I've been blue a bit myself lately but am shaking it. Love the bras!

Andrea, what a beautiful and eloquent post regarding friendship and support. (and the literal. hee! hee!)
One of the true definitions of friendship is support. To be there for one another durning the happy times and low times.
You are well loved sweetie, and Im SO happy your days are brighter. ;) Love you! XO,Jenn

Support is a pretty thing, don't you think? Glad you are feeling loved and better.


Fabulous Post!!!
I have been thinking about you a lot! And the kids too. I just put up the post finally with sweet sofia in it, and looking at your blog, I see just how much she has changed! Wow!!
Love you....and give the kids hugs for me!

Love your post on support and friends, Andrea. p.s. those are the prettiest bras that I've ever seen!

I love the vintage bras! There is nothing like the love of a friend to turn your day around. ;-) Blessings and sweet wishes to you ~ Heidi

Thank you share with us your idea.our idea is good, I have nothing to say

Beautiful photos! Loving the visual tee hee! Wishing you and yours the very best as well!


What a lovely post, Andrea. Nobody can match your unique style. I always enjoy your beautiful photos and your words are heartfelt. Hope you are lifted up by the support of so many caring friends.

Lovely post from a lovely girl. Thanks for making me smile.

love this post Andrea..you always have been so kind & share so much love it can only come back to you. OK now down to business I love these bras & the way you have put the girls all together.. OK you know my mind is always going so.. I think you should have your friend hope do a card for you...featuring your bras with a message saying..thanks for the support.. lol..what ya think.... love you! xoox Laura

Thanks for the e-hug! I'll take it. :-)

Your Blog always is so Cheery and Refreshing- Thanks, Andrea!

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