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November 02, 2010


Such cute pictures, and the train cake - oh my! What a good mommy you are! How sweet of you to highlight Caroline's gift. She is working at the polls today. I can't wait to tell her.

Take care!

Hi sweetie!! I hope you had a fabulous Halloween!! your kiddos are darling! Have a wonderful day!! Huge hugs!!! Britt :-)

I always wear my witch costume every year to hand out candies as well, lol! p.s. missed you, Andrea - but, it's tiring having a baby and two other small children (I know)

I'm glad you are able to shake the blues...sorry you've been feeling so down, though.

What a busy fall. It looks like it was a lot of fun, and your daughter is the cutest thing ever!

Oh Andrea, I'm so sorry to hear that you had been feeling a bit blue. It's tough when you feel blue and sometimes just takes a while before you fall out of the funk and feel like your joyful self again.
So I hope your feeling better now and that your looking forward to the upcoming Holidays as I'm sure your mind will start turning with all of the beautiful decorating you may do.
I hope you have just a wonderful day Andrea,
Sincerely, Tricia

PS ~ Again such ADORABLE CUTIES you have!!!

Oh I am glad you are feeling a little brighter now, seems you had a lovely month, and yes, lovely little Sofia has gorgeous chubby thighs, my neice has just the same, gorgeous when they are like that.
Kepp well,

Hang in there, your doing such a great job....even in your blues you brighten my day with your gift of sharing and inspiration. I hope you feel better soon. Chanel

That birthday cake is amazing! I can see why your ADORABLE children flipped over it!!!

Beautiful beautiful children Andrea... where is the time going? Hope you are feeling better... you have your hands full... only a good mother knows. If you really want to feel blue come here & we can play mommy swap for a week! xoxoo laura

What a lovely family, Andrea. They are all just stunning children!

(Susan Reaney)

beautiful times with beautiful children...take care of those blues Andrea..

Hi Andrea, hope you continue to feel better, I know I have had some bouts of depression and it can really be overwhelming! Im not sure if thats what you had, but just take care and God bless!Amy

Hi Andrea,
I am a faithful follower of your blog and I love it! I am so sorry that you have been feeling blue. I wish there was something I could do to help you. I can't tell you how many times I have read your blog and smiled and I love your shop too. You are so creative, a natural really. I don't know how you do it all and being such a great mom and wife.
Please take care,
Wanda :~)

Love all the photos and catching up. Your kids are gorgeous and you really are too cute to be a witch, but you could be the nice witch of the east.

p.s. Today at the shop I kept pulling up my hose so I'm glad I had company.

your babies are ALL so gorgeous! Rachaelxo

those blues are mean. They whoosh in and take over, and they are hard to shake off.

Loved the photos. The one of you and Sofia is just fabulous, she's like a little doll! And you are just beautiful.

Loving the boys playing with trucks in the sand! That's just such a boyish thing to do!!

Oh that cake. Gorgeous. I am rubbish at cakes. And I just KNOW if I tried making one with the cake tin, it would stick inside and I'd end up throwing the whole lot across the kitchen! I say this with confidence because I think I must be the only person in the world who can never turn cakes out of silicone moulds. They always stick.Always. And my cakes are heavy like bricks!

Well, you take care of you as well as your beautiful babies. Belated birthday wishes to your men :o) xx

Missed you, too:) So sorry you had the blues...occasionally I get bit by them too and it's just a bummer! So glad you're doing better. Those babies {all 3} of yours are B-eautiful and growing so fast! Wishing you love & happiness always...

Anyone who looks that good in a witch hat and striped stockings should always wear them for Halloween! Sorry about the blues, I know from experience -- they can be tough! And not that you want them, but I have a list of steam trains all over the country for you to visit! LOL! My DH is a steam train fan.
Happy November,

It's very common to experience a bout of depression after having a baby. So glad to hear you are feeling better though! :-) No doubt you will be back in full swing in no time!

It was fun to see your October in pictures. Love the hats and cake! Your pumpkin shots are great, and your little girl is growing awfully fast! My husband has been Superman for Halloween in the past and noticed your son's costume as he walked by the computer. Lol! It appears super heroes spot each other quickly in a crowd. :-)

So glad you are feeling better Andrea. what great photos of your October. I'm loving the pumpkins--those are all my favorites. And could your little people be any more cute?

what an awesome October! My little one turned 3 too--she had to have a preppy pink party :) Awhh, I too know what you are going through and sending you warm thoughts. Acupuncture is what helped me and still is. I hope to see you again at Jenn's event. We met at her first one--I missed this years. Wishing you a joyful November :)

Glad you are feeling better Andrea! Looks like you guys had busy October. I Just love looking at all the photos of your sweet children. The boys look especially cute in their felt crowns! You did an AMAZING job on their cake. Dare I ask how long it took to make it? hee! hee! You are such a good Mom! Im quick to have Publix make my b-day cakes. lol!! Sofia is yummy!!! Yes, I could just squeeze those little chunky thighs! Just precious! Enjoyed everything! Thanks for sharing sweetie! XOXO,Jenn

How cute that you dress up with your kids on Halloween! They are so adorable and you are way to pretty to be a witch!! I love the train cake you made!

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