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November 19, 2010


Oh gosh Andrea, your baby girl is so cute and adoreable. I love this post. As I am trying to type these few lines, I was interupted many times. 5yr old asking for crayons, and then paper. My 10yr old had to tell me what happened to a friend in school and 7yr old wanting a glass of milk and paper. The interuptions don't stop as they get older. Enjoy your baby girl, time does fly by too fast. Cannot wait for your shop opening on Monday. LOL

Oh my, what a doll!! I can see why it's hard to do other things when you can be holding her.

You are so adorable. I can't wait to see your mommy's jewelry. I bet she is having so much fun Christmas shopping for you.

Oh Sofia, you are an adorable little rascal. I can imagine how long it took you Mummy to work on her jewellery. I have a little girl who just hates me to sit down and get on with things too!

but mummy is so right. Time flies, and you do have to enjoy every single moment of tiny people. they are a precious gift :o)

Tell mummy her necklaces are divine, they will make perfect Chrismtas presents.

With or without Giraffe, you are a beautiful little girl. Look after mummy and have a lovely weekend xx

I see I'm not the only one whose first thought was, "Oh..." In my case, it's "Oh...what sweetness!"

Happy weekend! Congratulations on your new baby tooth!

: )

Julie M.

Sofia--your Momma makes the most beautiful Jewelry in the world!!! I know you are truly blessed to have such a loving Momma!! hugs to you and her!!

Andrea, what a sweet post. Your baby girl is just gorgeous! I would want to hold her all day long and would never get anything done either. We will be having our first grand baby in about 2 weeks! I cant wait!
have a great weekend.. oh.. and the necklaces are beautiful!

Oh she is so adorable Andrea:))) Of course the perfect model too:)) Your jewelry is stunning~ So happy for you Sweet Friend:)

Many Hugs, Carol

I think you are the sweetest and youngest blogger I've ever seen, Sofia! Try to be good for your wonderful Mommy - doesn't she make the prettiest jewelry?!! I'm sure you'll be wearing her creations yourself as soon as you stop chewing on things :) p.s. thanks for the heads-up notice

Oh sweet Sofia...you are just the most adorable little baby girl! And if I were your mama, I'd want to hold you & sing to you all the time, too:) So your Mama is smart...and her jewelry is well worth the wait!

sweetest post ever. I cannot wait to come visit.

Ciao, bella Sofia! You are the most precious ad campaign I've ever seen! What a great guest blogger you are too! You should come back soon... I am sure it's a big help to your mama!

What a lovely spokeswoman!

what a clever Mamma you have Miss Sofia and what a pretty and bonnie girl you are! And so clever, a tooth and real food...yum!!! Rachaelxo

Simply adorable post! xo, Amy pinkdaizies.typepad.com

AAAAAhhhhhh! The two of you are so adorable! I forgot how much time it takes to be a good mama, time spent with a newborn flies by! Maybe this will be the time I score a necklace??!! Sandy

This little beauty made my day. A true gift from God!

Miss Sofia, How lovely you look! And your mommy is a very creative and loving lady! Tell her to take all the time she needs for her beautiful necklaces- you will only stay little for a tiny space in time. Ciao to you too, baby bella!

oh...you are a real dolly! I see why it takes your mommy so long to do anything! She is right...the time will fly! So let her get in as much loving and rocking and cuddling as possible, because she will never regret it! xoxo

Awww what a lovely girl you are. No wonder your momma hasn't gotten much done, she keeps getting detracted by you and I don't blame her one bit. You are a cutie pie if ever I saw one. Have a very happy day!

Sofia! It was so nice to hear from you! You look very pretty in your tutu! I can't wait to see your Mommy's jewelry. Tell your Mommy I understand exactly how busy she gets and that the time does go by so fast...
::sniff sniff::

Sweeet Sofia!!! What a cutie patootie she is!!! :) She does an excellent job of pimping her Mom. hee! hee!
Gorgeous work Miss Andrea! Love the colors!!! XOXO,Jenn

How cute! Beautiful necklaces!


Our daughter is a Sofia too!! :) Your little girl is adorable!

I loved reading this! It is such a perfect rendition of a week in the life of an artistic mom and her baby! Thanks for the wonderful memories. Sofia said right, the time will fly!

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