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October 26, 2010


Love you miss Andrea! We will be here waiting patiently for you to return and share with us your beautiful musings!!! Take care of YOU...and your family. Thank you for being a huge part of my next event. Your a wonderful friend! XOXO,Jenn

Hi Andrea!
So glad all is well! Enjoy your beautiful children, and we will be here waiting when the time is right for you!
xo suzanne

God be with you in your days ahead and we'll be waiting and watching for your next posts.I have been checking your blog daily worried about you and your family. While anticipating your next post, I did study your past musings and your creations are the best! We'll be waiting!

best wishes, Sandy

I will be waiting for your return to blogland. I can understand having your hands full with little ones, and trying to squeeze in some fun crafting. Take your time, you are worth waiting for. Take care Andrea :)

life gets busy and as much as i adore blogging, it's time consuming. i'm attempting a little catch-up tonight (at 12:43 a.m.) -- i have the time just because i'm having trouble sleeping ... LOL

jenn's event sounds beautiful. congrats on being an instructor. this event is on my radar!

hope all is well & :)


Just glad to hear from you. I didn't want to say 'is everything ok' because it always annoys me if I'm quiet online and people ask that. I know they care, but it's just life. It tends to get hectic doesn't it?! Especially with babies, toddlers and children. And blogging gets pushed further down the To Do list. You have a lot to deal with, with a very young and busy family. I'm just delighted whenever you do an update, however small. :o)

lots of love xxx

So excited to know you're going to be teaching at Jenn's event! It's going to be amazing :)
It's great to hear from you - blogging is hard to keep up with without a new baby, let alone with three little ones!!! Take care and enjoy it! xoxo

We like it here - we'll stick around! ;)

Yes, you've been missed...alot! But, don't worry, we're not going anywhere and we'll be patient "followers";) Just do what you need to do, spend time with that beautiful family of yours, and enjoy the busy life. Big hugs to you, Andrea!

I saw this a few days ago. It looks enchanting! I am crossing my fingers and hope to make it. :)

You HAVE to come through Raleigh on your way to Asheville! Stop by my antique shop and I will roll out the red carpet for you guys!!

Your Reader-ellas are still here!

So glad to hear from you!! I've been debating about sending a message to be sure all is well. The gathering sounds wonderful - I had seen something about it somewhere and was excited to see you were going to be there. Take care of yourself and as everyone else I'm looking forward to your next post.

That looks wonderful!!! What an honor to be chosen as an instructor! But Girl, you totally blow me away with your talent, so I’m not too surprised! Of course I had to look around the blogs of each lady teaching. Wow! What a talented group!!

Family is always #1. :-) My own artistic pursuits are on hold until our son is raised, but then I'm also homeschooling AND living with an autoimmune disease that limits me. So things are a bit more complicated here. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have to wait until heaven to do all the things I’d like. Lol! I'm glad I can get my fill looking at the beautiful things folks such as yourself make. God is just so GOOD!!! Blessings!!!! :-)

completely understandable! We are all still here, backing you though!!
So excited to be able to talk about jenn's event now!
xoxo, Tiffany

Virginia Dodson and I are going!!!! Can't wait!!!!! I left you a voice mail.

I wondered how you were Andrea! Sometimes we need to just take a break from the computer... I am so sorry to hear you have been having a few challenges. Life has a way of keeping us on our toes sometimes.

How wonderful that you are teaching at Jenns event!

Hugs to you,
xoxo Heather

I just watch one 4 year old part time, and wonder how all of you moms handle blogging and creating and working and kiddos at the same time! Its impressive!

Doesn't Jenn's event sound magical??? She is another impressive mom.

Andrea, I have to say, I was worried when I didn't receive an email back from you.... I am hoping everything is alright and you have the strength to deal with the challenges and changes in life you are facing right now. Keeping you in my thoughts, sweet friend and if you need to talk, you know my number. I am just a phone call away.

The event sounds lovely and such a beautiful time of year!! Congrats!
Lots of hugs, Gabrielle

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