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September 07, 2010


Just beautiful pictures! They would be hard to choose from!

The pictures are all beautiful! You have a beautiful family and a beautiful friend! Grace xoxox

Oh, the photos are so beautiful. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful friend. Love all of the photos, but the bandaid on your sons knee is the icing on the cake for me. Thank you for sharing. xxoo Valarie

To know Tiffany is to love her... That sums it up! These pictures are the most precious, most heavenly, baby pictures I've ever seen. Sofia is an absolute doll!!! That one with the angel wings and the one on top....gasp! You most certainly do have your work cut out for you trying to choose the ones to purchase! The boys are too cute sitting on the porch... they are getting so, so big!

ok ok ok.......you totally made me cry reading this post!! I am so honored to be your friend, and to be able to capture sophia's precious photos was just icing on the cake as far s I am concerned!! Walker and I LOVED staying with you guys, he especially loves george and can't wait to go RVing with him!!
I miss you all so much, give those kiddos hugs and kisses from us!!
xoxo, Tiffany

I was thinking that when I saw that first picture of Sofia that she looks so much like YOU in your photo to the left side of your blog!! She is just beautiful and I love miss tiffany! So fun that you got to spend time together. It would be so wonderful if we all lived within visiting distance of each other...

xoxo Heather

Beautiful boys, beautiful bubba and beautiful photos! Rachaelxo

I am seriously going gaga over how beautiful these photos are. Oh my my! I love every one. What a talented girl Tiffany is. And what beautiful subjects your little ones are.

Absolutely beautiful!

Darling, Darling, Darling !!!

Holy moly!
ok point form so i don't ramble.

1. Sofia is beautiful
2. she looks like you!
3. your boys are gorgeous!
4. i'd be smitten too!
5. flowers and tulle - FUN!
6. Tiffany is awesome
7. she's an amazing friend, you are right! she's like sunshine!
8. miss you! xoxo

Oh Andrea! I had tears in my eyes! What lovely, beautiful pics. The one with the pink flower in her hair while she is sleeping is so cute and the one with wings... oh my... then the funny one with the flower that is too big! I think you captured her thoughts exactly. The boys of course are as cute as always!!! It is one of lifes special gifts to have wonderful friends to share life with as well. Enjoyed your post very much, as always! Take care, have a good week! Amy

Beautiful pictures!

Photo perfection! Sofia is a stunning little beauty...and the boys...a couple of "heartbreakers":) Tiffany is beyond fabulous as a photographer; how lucky you are to call her friend!

Beautiful photo's of sofia and your boys! Tiffany is such a talent and an amazing friend! Thank you for sharing!
I would love to share a bit of news ...
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utterly divine. How can you choose just one?!


hey sweets
aaahhh look how adorable your family is.
gorgeous photos.
Tiff is so very talented!!!
hope all is well

I knew sofia looke dlike you while I was there, but seeing the photo right next to her on your blog, I am with everyone else, she is spitting image of you!! How lucky she will grow up to be even more beautiful... :)
xoxo, Tiffany

What a beauty just like her mama!! No chance of a tomboy there!!!
And those boys are sweet as ever!

Sweet and precious Sofia is such a doll, Andrea!!! Tiffany has taken the most beautiful photos of her. I just don't know how you will choose when every shot is so beautiful and special.

these are stunning images!! Never seen Tiffany's work before but her stuff really is fantastic and very unique- lovely.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Simply adorable!... EVERYONE!

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oh my gosh.....SWEET LOVE!
TIffany did a wonderful job on the photo shoot, your family is just beautiful!

love all the photos! Tiffany did a great job capturing the kids.

When I saw my Mom today she was talking about the photos of your little girl. She was in awe. Pure beauty.

Thanks for sharing and being such a kind person.

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