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September 15, 2010


It is a quandry indeed. I want them to be in BOTH places - LOL!

Love the roses, what kind are they?

Those are so beautiful...They look like David Austins, are they? I think I would have snipped them and brought them in, too. Patty

you made the right choice. I can never resist, I always bring my roses inside too :o) xx

such beautiful roses! love this post a lot! beautiful!

oh wow how beautiful! I use to have 40 rose bushes before I had a baby and I loved to cut the blooms and bring them in to enjoy. It seemed it always help promote new growth with was an added bonus. :)

I do miss them now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. :)

Good choice...lovely roses:)



Oh so pretty! They almost look like peonies...

They are so beautiful.. Almost look like silk ones, yet with such a natural grace. Do you know the name of the cultivar?
I used to have so many of them, a real collection of true ancient roses and english roses, when I was in France. Now living in Saskatchewan, that's tough to keep any of those beauties :(

Stunning flowers. Stunning photos.

They belong where you enjoy them the most! :) So pretty!

These roses are huge! They look like peonies!!! Do you know what kind they are? I'm glad you picked them and brought them inside to enjoy. I'm off to vote for Mario again!

So pretty. Enjoy, soon they will be gone until next year! Amy

i just love these... :)

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