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September 01, 2010


You just seem like the sweetest mom!!! What incredibly lucky little buggers!!!!

I still have my Kindercone from kindergarten....a few years ago....hehehe! My son got one when he got home from school and now that he is in first grade he asked if he gets one when he comes home from each grade....to late for this year, but I might have to play around with something for next year!

The boys school is a german immersion school so we do this also. Your big boy is off to kinder and my "Baby" is too! I didn't realize Mario and Andres were the same age.....How does he like it so far? Andres is loving it....unlike his big brother who would much rather be home!

I'm sure the memory of the Kindercone will be a sweet one for you son. Creating family traditions is fabulous. I love to hear my oldest son, who is now a high school senior, sharing his favorite childhood memories. It's amazing that some of the most basic things that cost the least are the ones that he remembers most fondly...

That's so nice Andrea that you made a school cone for sweet Mario's first day at pre school/Kindergarten. I wish him always good luck and good times there!:)

I'd like to show you a picture of me in the age of 6 on my fist day of school in 1969 with my school cone. Somehow I think you might like to see it. My mom made the cones herself and did not buy it pre made like so many other mom's did and still do. Oh how I wish that I still had my "Schultüte" today *sigh* Of course my lil sis (almost 4 years younger than me) had to get a small school cone too so that she did not have to feel sad and left out.
See here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boxwoodcottage/4538218125/in/set-72157601932985069/

so going to steal that idea for next year, when my little one will start spreading her wings.


p.s totally LOVE the Super Mario! Perfect! xx

Hi Andrea...you are such a great mom! This brings back memories when my little ones started Kindergarten... they say it goes fast & boy does it. Somebody needs to make you a big cone! Big Hug!. xoxox Laura

Oh it's so hard on mommas when their babies head off to school:) I cried myself silly when each of my daughters started kindergarten! Wishing Mario a wonderful school year:)

What a great idea...I have always enjoyed creating special traditions for my kids. One of my favorites was bringing a special lunch to them on their birthdays and joining them in the cafeteria at lunch. They always looked forward to a special "treat lunch" and I always it packaged in a festive manner. My oldest is headed off to college in three weeks...so too late to start this tradition for kindergarten...but may start it as a college idea...make him miss me more!

Oh my gosh! I just did a post about my mom and was going to put a pic in about the kindercone! my family is from Germany and did that for generations!
wonderful post.

Such a wonderful idea. Love the kindercone. My youngest starts kindergarten this year. I will be alone for most of the day. I know I will shed a tear or two. Such a big step for our little ones.

What a lovely idea! We don't have Kindergarden here and our children start pre-school aged 2 and a half so we don't have traditions like that. We are moving to America this month and I understand that my 4yo who would be starting school here, will be going to Kindergarden. I have no idea what that means, as in, what they do there or what the age range is but I guess I shall learn soon enough. He is most upset he isn't starting big school so a Kindercone may be just the thing to cheer him :-)

I have never heard of a kindercone before but I will definitely be doing this when my little one is kindergarten age. And that last photograph is just precious!


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