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September 22, 2010


Gorgeous! Those cookies look divine too!

These are breathtaking, and beautifully photographed! Thank you for sharing! ~xoxo

What beautiful trays! I have one I bought in Florence on our honeymoon and a vintage table in our guest room. And a little box in the living room - I didn't realize I was a collector until now! :)

I'd love to add your lovely tray to my collection.

Lovely trays. They remind me of a jewelry box I received on my fifth birthday. It was wooden octagon shaped with gold gilt and on the top there were roses painted. dmfields42@yahoo.com

Would love to win! :)


Seriously stunning! Love it!


Oh wow, what an absolutely gorgeous and generous giveaway! I'm drooling over these trays... they're absolutely fabulous!


I just love the patina of age on your trays! I saw Debbie Travis (of the Painted House) do a collage project with Amaretti cookie wrappers years ago - she covered a lampshade with them. I purchased a bag of those cookies - i still have the wrappers - just waiting for the perfect project!


What a wonderful and very generous gift!!! I would love the opportunity to win such a treasure!!

they are gorgeous, how very lovely of you to part with one! I'd love to be included :O)

aww. I'm sorry Mario didn't win. He should have, it was the best photo . xx

No wonder you love those trays so much- they're breathtakingly beautiful!

Those trays are beautiful. My father is Italian but I never was able to meet my grandmother because she passed many many years before I was born. I did know my great Italian grandmother but only saw her a few times before she passed. Now I wonder if either had these pretty items in their homes. I know that I would love one and seeing it would make me think of your grandmother which would lead me to think of mine more often. Thank you for sharing your little story and hopefully a little tray with me.

Oh such pretty trays, and I would LOVE to try the cookies! Thanks for the giveaway!

Those trays are so beautiful! I love the one you are giving away, aqua is one of my very favorite colors! Christina


How lovely and generous--you are so sweet! Wow--that tray is BEAUTIFUL!!!

You are awesome to want to give away one of your lovelies!! Count me in big time and thank you for your generosity. LindaSonia

What a treasure! You are so sweet!
Thank you! Wendy Overdorf

How fun! The cookies look wonderful and the tray is gorgeous!

My Nonna, we call her Nana had a set of those nesting tables... They looked like a big tray with gold legs on them. They seemed to disappear from her house over the years and then, after my grandfather died and she moved from her old house to her new house, there was the medium one sitting on her curb! Of couse, I asked her what she was thinking of putting it on the curb and took it home for myself. It's legs wobbled off over the years. I got rid of it about six or seven years ago. But I remember the Florentine tissue covers being the "thing" in her house along with the miniature Florentine dressers! Loved those little dressers! I've been seeing lots of rather pretty reproduction Florentine frames and cabnle holders lately too!

I would love to win. I have seen these around but are never sure if they are the "real" thing.

You are just too sweet (oh, no pun intended) to give these away. Please put my name in the hat. Actually, just to win something from you would be an honor.

If it is not a problem that I live in Holland...............
I would love to win.


Wow, those trays are absolutely stunning. Simply beautiful! And you are so sweet to actually give someone the opportunity to win won. I'm officially throwing my hat into the so called ring!


What a beautiful giveaway. I love the story of your Nonna giving you a table when you went off to college. I would be thrilled to win. In my opinion Mario was the cutest of all of the contestants.
Have a wonderful day.
xxoo Valarie

Such nice designs. Definitely different from what I normally see and so I would love a chance to win one!

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