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September 02, 2010


Too funny...my family calls me a "Bag Hag" cause I love bags even more than shoes ;)
I even made a slide show a few years ago...pardon the vintage appeal ;)

Cute, I love the nick-names darling have a fun and a safe trip oxox, Diane

With bags as pretty as that, who could blame you? Safe travel! :)

I love, love, love that grey small one - and am so happy to see the big Andrea one being used :) I am such a bag (and little pouch) girl too (as you know!!)

Hi. My name is Holly. And I'm a bagarella.

Love, love, love the bags! And, you are right ...how do explain a love for bags to a man! They just don't get it! Have a safe trip.

OOOOH...I need some pretty bags like yours and I just might become a bagarella. My plastic shopping bags just don't carry the same appeal!

I'm crazy about bags too and I love all of your bags. I would love to know where you found the one with your magazines in it. So cute!

I am totally a bagarella, but since I've learned to sew a few months ago, I've been making my own! It's SEW fun! :) Yours are all BEAUTIFUL!

Yep, I'm a bagarella, but sadly my bags are not nearly as beautiful as yours!

loving the nicknames :o)

you took the words right out of my keyboard with the last line. I was about to say that it is a girl thing. Men DON'T understand!

Last month I had a splurge, I bought three new bags. Hadn't bought any since ... um.. springtime. So the husband says 'don't you have a lot of bags now, do you really need new ones?'!!! 'Wash your mouth out' I said. Urgh. what a question. what a thought! there is never enough. shoes, bags, hats and coats. love them all!

love yours. all gorgeously gorgeous.
have a lovely weekend xxx

Yep I love bags, you can never have to many!!! I could really do with that sewing bag with a spot for all the bits, Did you make this & if so where did you get the pattern please.
Have a great weekend

I'm a bagarella! We stayed at the Hotel Roanoke last weekend when we took Jordy back to school and the poor valet kept bringing bag after bag out of the car. I thought it looked quite nice all those bags with my pillows piled on top and of course my little fan that I never leave home without. Bear thought it looked like someone from Raceland, Kentucky had finally left the hills and hollows for the big city! lol Drive carefully....we need to get together! We are heading to F'burg this morning to pick up our Maddie for the weekend(Caro is in a wedding). Fun fun fun

I am a huge fan of Bags! I don't rotate them as nearly as often as I should though. I just recently moved and I still have not unpacked all my bags. This blog must be a sign that it is time to unpack them!

Oh yes...I am a "bagarella", too! And you are so right...it's impossible to explain it to a man:)

Yep, totally!! Yours are soo cute.

you have a collection worthy of a bagarella! yes I am a bagarella, coatarella, bootarella and ringarella!!! Lots of rella's going on! lol Rachaelxo

You know that you can find support right here, honey...
I pack the same way. I even bring an empty bag to corral the packed ones if the mood strikes and it always does.

Love em all! I think my favorite is the bag with the pink polka-dot handle. I have a ton of bags/purses. My husband is a big fisherman and has a ton of fishing poles and fishing equipment, so he never says anything about my collection{S} of different goodies:) Have a great weekend! Amy

Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a bagaholic. It is a serious problem. I am out of room!

love this!


Beautiful bags. I am a reader of your blog so I am a read-arella!!!

HUGE bag-arella, but with Jenny as my name and the whole Forrest Gump thing, I am always Jennaaaeeee...from everyone...like I have never heard it before and it should be funny when they say it!

Most definitely! I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

: )

Julie M.

Oh, yes, I'm definitely a bagarella too. I just can't get enough of them :)

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