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September 16, 2010


Hey, if you can't be totally obnoxious on your own blog, where can you be? He's darling and deserves to win!

You're not a pest - somehow I missed this until now! See? It was worth mentioning again. Going to vote! ^_^

I've voted everyday except the days we were in Vegas. I try to remind your Uncle to vote everyday too.

just done it. I cast my vote for entry 4924! Hope he wins :O)


I have voted every day for Mario ! Go Mario ! You are a handsome young man and I have been happy to vote for you. You are already a winner :)

So happy to vote for Mario!

...ah...you mean it, you won't bother us again...under that New Italian Beauty gets her turn.
(a read-eralla)

I just cast my vote for your little cutie!

I voted for you Mario as I have everyday. You are absolutely the CUTEST!!
Love from Miss Pam

thanks for the reminder to vote. either way, he's a winner!

I hope he wins! he's adorable!!! I shouted out to my FB friends, and I hope other people can do the same, GO MARIO!!!

I've been voting for Mario just about everyday {I missed a few...sorry} since your first post about the contest:) I hope he wins; because he's just the cutest!

I just voted. The site said there were 42 entries and over 20,000 votes so far. I was number 4124 (I think) for Mario, so he must be a top runner! He has a fifth of the votes so far. Good luck!

We'll miss you tomorrow. Lori, Carol, and some local bellas will be at my house for a crafting party. I hope we'll see you at one next spring!

I was wrong, I was 4924, which means he has about a quarter of all the votes, not a fifth!!!!!

I am voting and telling all my friends too because ( I'm not his Mom so I can say this without bias) Mario is super duper handsome! He really deserves a billboard.

I voted again!! Couldn't resist,he is such a cutie pie :)

Ok, did my bit!! I feel quite sure you won't do this again until Sofia is entered...but she will win hands down and we won't have to vote twice!! xxKaren

I voted for him, too! I missed it the 2nd time, but definitely voted the first time. :) I hope he won!!


I hope Mario won!!! Great picture.

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