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August 12, 2010


Oh I just love vintage shellcraft! The pastel shades they dyed the shells are so soft and gorgeous. You have an amazing collection!

You are an artist. Love the colors.
Will the Little Italian Girl be selling seashells by the seashore?

make it 1920 and I will come with you!

Wow, they are truly are beautiful! What a wonderful collection you have, thanks for giving us a little peek :) Tamara

Ohhh so pretty Andrea! I have a small collection of vintage shell jewelry too...they are just so pretty to look at!

Guess what? I FINALLY found the Angelina pin! My mom put a small bag of jewelry down inside one of my china pitchers that got packed away when we did the floor (it was in there!), I just literally found it this week. I will send it to you soon. I was laughing when I found it thinking that I am lucky I didn't lose it forever.

happy August to you! xoxo

that is hot! We are starting to cool down here now, and I am happy. British summers aren't too long, which is just as well!

I love your shell collection. Especially that gold one, it's totally blingtastic and fabulous!

have a lovely weekend xxx

so beautiful. I love such pretty things.

oh my i'm in heaven looking at your beautiful shell collection! what gorgeous little creations and divine colours! i'll be right there with you in the 1950s, we can wear our prom gowns, and eat saltwater taffy, and drink lemonade spiders!

Wow--that was fun, Andrea! I'm 55 and do you know how many items in your pics today looked familiar?! Between my mother and my sister and me I'd say we owned a lot of very similiar things--so sorry I don't still have any of mine. :( But yours are beautiful!! (And I agree with you about souvenirs and bathing suits!) :)

Lovely collection! Your children are gorgeous...congrats on your little sweetie!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Romancing the Bling

OMG Andrea! this collection is GORGEOUS! what pretty little pieces...thank you for showing them! hope your summer is going great,xo natalea

You have a gorgeous collection. Love them all.

Oh, wow! What a beautiful collection! I have a few shell pieces, but not nearly as many as you have. Seeing yours all together like that makes me want to find (or make) more!

They are so beautiful. That is truly a unique treasure you have!!

Gosh!! Sorry it was sooo hot there!! It was really hot in our little place yesterday too. LOVE your darling collection!!! How pretty!! I FINALLY sent off that package I promised you! I feel like such a bad friend,but you of course know how crazy busy life is with two boys and a new baby :-) Anyway,I hope you and you sweet little family are doing great!! Have a fabulous day!! hugs!! Britt :-)

hello! hope all is well and yes, it's hot, hot!! i'm trying to be patient---2 weeks until due date. just playing the guessing game--when, when??? the shells are lovely..........now i must find some taffy to eat that would hit the spot right now!

Amazing colors, Bellissimi!

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