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August 09, 2010


Lovely images :)

Come on over with your pretty bag of seashell chocolates and I'll throw you a party, Andrea!! I'll even hold the baby while you enjoy the festivities.

What a pretty hostess gift!!! Candy coated shells... I used to eat these when I was little at the seashore. I seemed to like the taste of them much better back then. They are pretty to look at though. Besides the shore sweet shops, I think you can get them in smaller bags around the internet if you're not looking for 5lbs. LOL

Hi Andrea, I've been reading your blog since February, and I love all your ideas, and this one is just lovely! God bless you

Sounds like a wonderful idea to me:)

Hi Andrea!!! Love these seashell sweets pretty enough to wear around your neck! Always a treat to stop by for a visit!!! Enjoy the rest of the summer. xooxxo Laura


one writer of a blog I read just LOVES funnel cake. It's not something sold here, so I had to google it (and found a clip of them being made - totally fascinating). I have to say, I don't think I could resist, so well done you for doing so!

Love your seashell sweeties. The teacup is perfect for them :o)

Lovely to find not one , but two new Andrea Posts :O) xx

Very pretty! I love seashells too, and chocolate ones...bliss!

the candy looks beautiful in your teacup! Your pictures of the fair are so pretty! Blessings!


Over the years I have made it my very own, and I call this one a "keeper" after trying many different meatloaf recipes. My sister gave it the award-winning name, and I decided I liked that.

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