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August 18, 2010


These are so beautiful! It would simply be a dream to wear one. Where do you find all the trinkets and charms?

So gorgeous and for such gorgeous girls! I remember seeing the one you did for Jenn on her blog, it was just SO her. And the one for Tiffany is just perfect! Love the horse and chicken charms, and the sparkly horseshoe is super cute!
You are right, the ones made for friends are truly the most special.
I know these two girls treasure you as you do them. xoxo

Thanks for sharing:)

As always, your handmade bracelets are beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces! Lucky friends:)

You make so many beautiful things...everytime I come to your blog I am inspired to be more crafty..I have box loads of vintage charms,and beads and costume jewelery that was left to me many years ago after my grandma past and I never knew what to do with it all but the charm bracelet idea is fantastic.

They are so lovely and so personal to your friends, they're very lucky girls!

They are so incredibly beautiful. You're so talented. I wish to goodness I had such a thoughtful friend as you. Xx

The aqua donkey was so cute... those bracelets has such special meaning.. I love them.. what a wonderful friend you must be!

I agree , those braclets are wonderful. It is the special charms that make them so special.
I know you had fun making them.

Very pretty. I like the way your eye puts it all together so artfully, you are truly talented. Thanks for showing them.

I started charm bracelets for my two girls (since birth) now 18 and 14 and I have added sterling silver charms for each event in their lives. They are not as feminine as yours and it makes me think I should add some color and sparkle to them to dress them up.
I like stopping by your blog to see your art and cute children.

Ah! I wish you and I were friends. ;-) I love your vintage charm bracelets, and missed seeing them in your shop. Thanks for sharing these treasures!

Beautiful and I love the thought you put into picking just the right pieces to match the person. Very nice!

lucky ladies. Your jewellery is always so gorgeous xx

So gorgeous and heart-felt too, Andrea. Those charm bracelets are real one-of-a-kind beauties, just like your two dear friends!

So, so special and pretty, Andrea!! I have to say the little chicken is my fave!! I hope all is well with your little bambina (I think that's how you say it in Italian!!). Megan is growing by leaps and bounds. Don't you just love when they get that chubbiness about them? :) I am really feeling the need to start to create again. My Etsy shops are being neglected and I can't tell you the last time I made any cards. Meg has reflux and I feel like all I've been doing is either feeding her or cleaning her up. The boys never had this. She still smiles thru all of the spit up!! I swear I could just nibble on her sometimes!! I'm sure you know what I mean!! Take care and God bless. I look forward to your blog entries and seeing your beautiful creations. : )

~ Wendy

Oh my gosh!! I LOVE my bracelet andrea!!! It was such a surprise, and you put so much thought into it, I will treasure it and our time together always!!!
Little sofia and the boys are gemw, and we love george!!!
Miss you already!
xoxox, Tiffany

As always, the bracelets are beautiful and oh so thoughtful. Love them! I have some started, but havent had a chance to work on them in a while. Thanks for all your inspiration and lovely posts. Some days, I just go through some of them( old posts and pictures) to get inspired or to lift my spirits! So fun... Thanks, Amy

hye doll

aaawww these rock!!!
they are both perfect for thos cuties!!
love the georgia tag charm.
hope you are having a fantastic summer.


I always love charm bracelets, but yours are stunning! And those vintage charms you found for your friend are the best!

These are beautiful!! You have "lucky" friends! :)


You make such beautiful items.. I love it! Congrats on your precious new addition to your family.

I love your bracelets! I'd love to have one someday - the way you personalized these is just to die for. SWOON...

These charm bracelets are so much fun! You did a great job.

Miss Andrea...you are such a dear friend, and the fact that you thought of me and personalized it to my taste means the world!! I will ALWAYS cherish my bracelet and most of all...our friendship!!
Love you! XO,Jenn

I do believe these are the most beautiful charm bracelets I have ever seen Andrea. Your friends are very fortunate to be the recipients of such lovely gifts!

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