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August 30, 2010


This is gorgeous, Andrea! WHERE did you find those perfect shade of pink pom poms? I want that bedskirt for MY room. Wonderful. Jesse's bed is still not even set up. He sleeps in a co-sleeper bed in my room, but that's about to change in the next couple of weeks or so.

Andrea It's just fit for a princess!!! What a lucky little one!!!

Now ~ on the note of sewing frustrations… doesn't it always seem to go just like this… you have maybe 6 inches to finish and wouldn’t you know it, you’ve run out of thread on the bobber yet once again!!!
My husband states that whenever my machine comes out, the swearing starts shortly there after!!!

Well Done Andrea, it's beautiful, I just LOVE the little pink pom poms!!!
Tricia K.

utterly beautiful. And clearly made with a lot of love . I'm glad I'm blog hopping, I've had a rotten day, but my favourite blogs are cheering me up :o) xx

This is some of the most beautiful bedding I've ever seen. I once made crib bedding for a friend of mine, about 9 years ago, and vowed never to do it again! Thus, my own little girl ended up with store-bought, but it was still cute. But this, this is stunning. Good job!

I love this. The pom poms are my favorite!

Oh what a lucky baby!!


It is so very beautiful, a labour of time, talent and very much love! Rachaelxo

This is absolutely beautiful. You should go into business!! I sew drapes, so I know how hard it is!!! I LOVE the pom pom fringe...so sweet. Well, I'm off to vote for sweet Mario again.
xxoo Valarie

Sofia is one lucky little lady! Beautiful, beautiful bedding...I bet she'll have the sweetest dreams laying on those lovely linens you made for her:)

You are amazing! I love this, it is so beautiful. I know I could never tackle such a project, unless I could use a glue gun.

So pretty...It was worth the effort and every broken needle. The fabric is perfect and I love the little pom-pom trim. Patty

I am in awe. ...just...in awe. I wish that was MY room! :)

That is incredible beautiful! Think of it as an heirloom, because it is.


Absolutely gorgeous!! I am in awe of people that can sew like that. I should've paid attention when my mother wanted to teach me how to sew. My niece is learning now (she's 8) and she asks my sister if there is anything in the laundry that has holes so she can practice. Thanks for sharing the pics!!

~ Wendy

Sofia's crib bedding turned out beautifully. What a lucky baby!!!
I especially love the pom-pom fringe - what fun!!!

Oh Andrea, an absolutely beautiful crib, fit for your princess! Excellent job! Lori

I came across this blog via google images somehow a while ago and I just cannot stop myself from checking back so often. This is so beautiful! Learning to sew is next on my list of things to have in my craft belt. I love your style and you are very talented!

Love it all!!!! Susan

You are so amazingly talented!!
I could only dream to be able to make such wonderful items.

Wonderful bedding - looks like a dream. I voted for Mario - I've been on vacation for two weeks so I was anxious to see what you had posted. Love your blog and pictures.

Hi Andrea! I've been super busy, but now that our third grandchild has arrived and our other daughter's wedding is complete...well here I am, surfing the blogs! I'm behind on reading yours and when I saw this bedding for your Precious New Little Girl I had to comment! Adorable! And made most special because of your labor of love. Hugs, Heidi

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