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July 07, 2010


I will be in your club any day Andrea! Both my little girls are into all the vintage flowers and accessories and they are just 14 months and 3.5...so it is a perfect time to start little miss Sofia! Also, you should visit my blog, there is currently a giveaway going on for some Pipsqueak Couture, what girl couldn't use more clothes, right? xoxo Shannon

I'd Love to be in your Club ~ it would be Oh So Cool!! Just Imagine the creativity.
Although I don't think it would be quite necessary to hang a sign that read ~
No Boys Allowed!!

I'm in for sure! :)

That is my idea of the perfect club.

What a FABULOUS idea! Count me in :)

Oh my goodness how WONDERFUL that would be! I just adore vintage millinery! How fun! I hope you seriously consider it :)

Your flower pictures are stunning!

Count me in!!
My daughter will be going to New York soon and I told her the only thing I want is an old pink velvet flower from tinsel trading company. Love them.
Fabulous idea.
Cari B.

I'd join your VMFC but vintage flowers aren't so easy to find in the UK. I have four hats in total - much cherished - and I love to wear them :o) the flowers are beautiful, frayed, soft, and in my eyes perfect.
Lucky little Sofia, with a mum full of gorgeous things dreams are made of! ;o)

don't forget -- making pretty club membership badges, too!


Wow, you have quite a collection! I find vintage millinery hard to find near me. =(

Oh Andrea, I just love your flower collection--it's full of love and sweetness. Thank you for sharing!

Oh, what fun that would be! I'm right there with you on the yumminess of vintage millinery flowers!! You're bringing that girl up right. heehee


I would love to join...you have a beautiful collection!

That sounds like the perfect club to me! I'm always searching for them, but like the others said, they're hard to find but when I do, its a great find! Yours are yummy to look at too!

awesome! lovely to look at, this are great stuffs! awesome!


Scrumptious idea!!!!


Oh yes! That would be sooo fun! I would join! :) I adore vintage millinery flowers!!!


oh Andrea! I love vintage millinery flowers! and your collection seems to be one of my fave!

oh my...i just love any vintage millinery flowers...pictures are awesome...

How much fun would that be! Love love love all of your fabulous vintage millinery you've displayed...when can we join!!! :)

Beautiful flowers Andrea! Your club idea sounds very intriguing!!

Oh you can bet I want to be a member of that club!! And may I say, you have the best collection of vintage millinery flowers:) They are soooo beautiful!

Love the idea of this club! Is someone going to do it? We all like it but will someone put it together? I volunteer if no one else does. :-) And, I love the idea of a merit badge! (Squeal with delight!) How much fabulous fun would this be??

Such lovelies! I'll join your club.

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