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June 23, 2010


Andrea, You Couldn't be any closer to the truth ~ Sweet Pea!!! Especially strong Coffee ~ Come on over to my home and I'll brew you up a fabulous cup!!!
Have a great day ~ Tricia

I'm a tea drinker! :o) I still get that same feeling though!

Thanks for your email, you are a total sweetheart xx

oh, my comment vanished! Oh well. Was just saying that I am a tea drinker, but I get the same feeling! ;o)

thank you for your email, you are a sweetie.

I was clonked on the head by a sparkly purple wand whilst typing this. Such delights will be happening to you in the years to come! xxx

Yep!! I know exactly what you mean! :)

ahh the first cup of coffee in the morning...peace and serenity! Pretty cup and saucer..that helps also. Grace xoxo

Ohhh, I SO know exactly what you mean! It is my favorite thing in the morning. . .


Yes!! My husband and I do that every weekend. It is the best!

I must agree completely! My sweet husband makes coffee for me every morning. It just doesn't taste the same if I make it myself! It's a sweet little gesture that makes me feel cherished. And wakes me up too!

i love coffee too Andrea...i drink it all day long...

Yes...I know exactly what you mean:) My hubby, however, is not a coffee drinker; he prefers diet coke, ick!

Well, I'm no coffee drinker, but loves me some hot cocoa! Different drink, same need for quietness, sweet aroma, and comfort!

So glad you're all doing well.


Oh Andrea I love my morning coffee, afternoon coffee and evening coffee. Unfortnately, your Uncle has trouble finishing a six ounce cup of coffee. Your Grandma has a funny story about his coffee drinking. He purchased a cup in Westerville, drove to Akron and asked to heat the almost full cup up when he arrived at her house.

Andrea, I knew I liked you. Now, I know we are soul mates. ;)

this is a really beautiful blog I just stumbled across today, so pretty and your baby is just the sweetest! I love your china cup but Im a tea drinker myself too!

Inspired by yoor baby lace headbands, my sister is expecting and if its a girl Im going to have to give these a try!

Andrea, this is really a sweet post! I'm not the biggest coffee drinker in the world, but I can appreciate a good cup and that biscotti doesn't look too shabby either.... I must know, does George drink from a cup this pretty too? After the kids are asleep, Frank and I like to sit down at the trable and enjoy dessert.... no plastic bowls or character cups in sight.

I could not LIVE without my coffee... he is SO right, coffee is definately what is right with the world... especially that first cup!




favorite at-home coffee: peets house blend
favorite coffee out: starbucks (any roast will do but no flavors, please)


you are so right about what is right! Love it.

Nice post - your husband sounds very romantic! Waiting for more pics of Sofia and the nursery!!

Isn't it wonderful to get some time alone together.

I know exactly what you mean, Andrea! p.s. what a pretty cup to take your coffee in

I totally get it....
xoxo, T

A wonderful reminder to enjoy the simple pleasures in life! :o)

I'm a tea drinker but I love the quiet of the morning drinking my first cup, bliss.

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