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June 21, 2010


Good For You Andrea as finding a moment for yourself is so important!!!
Very cute, she's just bound to look beautiful in those babies
with all of your extra special embellishments attached!!!

Tricia K. Johnson

So, so SWEET! And happy to hear you are having some creative time for yourself - a first sign that life is finding the "new normal" with a wee one in the house. Thank you for sharing.

I had so much fun making headbands for my little girl..now it is impossible to have ANYTHING in her hair...enjoy it now..they grow up way to quickly...

Sofia is a lucky girl. And you are so smart for fitting in some creative time. With a mom like you, Sofia is bound for GREATNESS

So cute and much better with vintage flowers than the ones you can buy in the boutiques! love them! Enjoy that beautiful baby:)

What a beautifully dressed baby she must be!!!

a very sweet idea. I think I may have recognised one or two of the roses?! ;o)


such a fashionista she is already!...but so cute!

those are so adorable Andrea...i bet they are even more so perched on sweet Sofia's precious head:)

What a vision of loveliness. Perfect for little Sofia.

The headbands are beautiful. Love the velcro idea. Enjoy your little princess.

Oh Andrea she is adorable & a cutie patootie, & i Love the big brother with a missing tooth, my little Caroline who is just now 8 has the same missing tooth.. Love It!! I can't tell you how many times i go over and over your pic's in the (where woman create magazine/book) i dream of a studio like yours, so much pinks, ribbons,lace frill so much fun.. I love it.. Now that i have made it to your Blog, I must be a Follower, Can't wait to check back to see what your up to..
A NEW Favorite Blogger Fan..

It's amazing.........
Sofia is a very lucky girl. It's a very beautiful art work and those flowers are looking much Pretty than original flowers.

What a beautiful adornment for sweet Sofia's hair!

The headbands are are so pretty! And I bet Sofia will look absolutely adorable wearing them:) I could never get my girls to keep them on there lil' baby heads!

All of your creations are so beautiful, and your headbands are no exception! I need inspiration such as this to get me to use my millinery blossoms. I tend to hoard pretty things, fearing I'll "use them all up". In reality, I know they can be replaced and need to be used and enjoyed. Thanks for the little nudge....

Congratuolations on your beautiful new baby girl, she is beautiful. You and your family are very blessed.
Marie in Seattle

Lovelies for your little blessing! Very sweet!

God bless you!

: )

Julie M.

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