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May 11, 2010


only two more weeks...how exciting Andrea...your sweet little Sofia will be here before you know it!!!

Wow two weeks!
Enjoy that placenta brain! Leroy is 6 and I still have it, hahahaha! xo

I was just thinking about you this morning. I was wondering if that little girl had arrived. I was missing your postings. Take it easy.


This is going to be one spoiled little girl in this room- glad I found you. Will check back

her room is going to be beautiful! How fun it is to decorate for a baby girl!

Can't wait to see the finished room...eventually...I know it will be fabulous!

Baby Sofia will have the dreamiest, prettiest nursery, I'm sure! And, ummm, I get sidetracked all the time...my girls are 14 & 10...can I still blame the "pregnancy brain";)??

Oh Andrea, I bet your soon-to-be-born little angel's room is going to be gorgeous! I can't believe it's almost time for her to arrive. Enjoy these next couple of weeks of anticipation.

Can I tell you that is probably the prettiest work in progress I've ever seen?! It is! :> Wishing you a happy and healthy bundle of joy to cuddle and love in two weeks......oh yea, and enough sleep to treasure those first days! :>:>

Such a sweet post...lovely lily-of-the-valley...and the nursery will be adorable!

My birth flower...and maybe my birthday!!!

Happy two weeks!

: )

Julie M.

Good Morning Andrea ~ I'm sooooo excited for you!!! Only two more weeks!!!
I think everyone visiting you blog is so excited for you and can't wait to see a photo of your new sweet bundle of joy!!
And if we think the lilies are pretty ...just wait till they pale in comparison to the new precious one!!
I hope you have a beautiful day Andrea ~ Tricia

You will get it all done, Andrea. Your mind is just getting ready to give birth. Sofia is going to have the prettiest room ever, with the most wonderful eye candy everywhere she looks.

Hi sweetie!! Oh wow!! Two more weeks!! Boy time flies!! Sooo excited for you!! Only 7 more weeks before my little one is born and I thought that was soon!! lol. Soo much still to do!! I have your little pressie I promised all packaged up and ready to go. Mostly likely can't get to the post office until Saturday,but the thought is there! lol. Huge hugs!!! xoxo Britt :-)

Lily of the Valley..Swoon!
oh and the pregnancy brain..as everyone else is saying also. it still feels like I have it and its been 5 months (:

I don't know why I'm feeling compelled to share this but here goes...
I just had my third (5 months ago) and it seemed that right before I became extremly scared(more than ever before) kinda forgetting that our Great God would be there with me. I was encouraged by friends and through prayer the fear was removed and perfect peace came from Jesus.( even for a surprise delivery at home!) So I just wanted to encourage you to look to Him and to bless you in this special time that you are preparing for your sweet baby girl.

Take the time to do everything now - you won't want to in a few weeks!

Love those lily of the valley - one of my favorite flowers. Best wishes to you and the little princess.

Oh how I empathize with you, Andrea!! : ) I'm having a c-section on Monday at 8 am. You're a step ahead of me in that you actually HAVE a nursery to decorate!! LOL!! Our baby girl will be sleeping with us for several months while we turn our garage into a bedroom for our oldest son and then the baby will get his room. For my shower gift, my wonderful friend is going to come in and be my personal interior decorator for the nursery. I've been picking up vintage toys and goodies here and there. Now I just need a room to decorate them with!! :) I hope you're doing well. I am so done with being pregnant. I love it but the sciatica has definitely gotten the better of me this time around. :( Take care and God bless. I will keep "visiting" you to catch a glimpse of your new baby. I'll be posting pics once Miss Megan is here and we're settled in. I'll be thinking about you!! : )

~ Wendy

It is all so pretty. I'm getting so excited for you.

:o) it looks so beautiful. Two weeks! Oh my goodness, it's just so exciting. You'll soon have your daughter in your arms. :O)

certainly sounds like pregnancy brain to me.There is a lot going on for the mum to be xxx

YEP! You have pregnancy brain! I was ALL over the place. Super scattered. Anyways, GORGEOUS sneak peeks of her room. I cant wait to see more!!! :) XO,Jenn

this shall be the nursery of all nursery's!!! :) best wishes

Love all your photos...love your blog! Have a great day. Susan

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