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April 17, 2010


You have the coolest cutting tools! And no, you're not the only one who can't seem to find a pair of scissors when you need them;)

Lucky duck with that pinking machine! I saw the same article and thought it was the coolest thing ever too!!! I searched and searched, but unlike you, never found one that I could afford. It's ultra cool...

so cool..I have my scissors from high school, Grannie's old ones...cutting tools just call out to me lol...

I got one of those pinking machines off Ebay after bidding for about a year when they would show up...didnt' want to pay big bucks, but got lucky once.(saw that CL article too) Also have those awesome scissors (got mine at Bell'ochio - worth the trip to SF - amazing store!) We are like minds in our favorite cutting tools!

I had no idea you had that antique pinking machine - I saw that saw article and have wanted one... can I play with it when I come next month?

I just got a die cut machine - a sizzix (not even sure if that is how you spell it). I really got it all for just one shape that I feel in love with - the crest here: http://www.amazon.com/Sizzix-Alterations-Collection-Cutting-Template/dp/B0037CIBO0/ref=sr_1_34?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1271532199&sr=1-34
the banner is good too.

Happy almost birthday :)

Andrea amor, I love all your scissors, now I don't feel so bad knowing I have soo many too, all kinds of cuttng gadgets...my husband wonders why I even bought an old small wood cutting board with a long blade not sure what it's called but it has a huge crack in the wood, but I love it :) I especially love beautiful old scissors. I also got a pair of those scissors with many blades, but when I saw how much they were, I knew with work being so slow for my husband that they weren't an option, I showed them to my mom and she found them at all places...through AVON, They even came with a pretty sheath and were I believe under $10..such a deal right :) I am loving that pinking machine...something else I will have to add to my treasure hunting list :) Don't you love when you go looking for a certain something while treasure hunting and actually find it :) Have a beautiful weekend :) Besos, Rose

Oh, what fun! I try to keep at least one pair of scissors in each room for everyday things. I have a few fancy pairs...but nothing like your antique pinking machine, which is so pretty. I want one!!!

I hope you're having a beautiful weekend!

: )

Julie M.

I still have that issue and I remember the article and that rotary cutter like it was yesterday! I searched the internet like crazy for one of those because of that article! I have tons of scissors too but never can find them! (probably because I'm scared Scarlet is going to try to cut her long hair when I'm not looking! She's 4 and that's the age for that kind of stuff!) xoxo natalea

Well I guess there was a bunch of us who saw that same article, and were all bidding on the same antique cutters on ebay, cuz I too saw the article and was mad for one! Never got it though, Andrea you are too lucky, finding one that easy! And although I have at least a dozen pairs of scissors, they are always missing in action! LOL.

Hi Andrea--

I like most everyone else who has commented saw the Country Living article as well.

I did manage to find an antique pinker shortly thereafter. I do not use it very often, but am certainly impressed with the ingenuity behind it. It is such a heavy little contraption.

The fringe scissors I use a lot and like you got them at the local fabric shop for a few dollars.

Glad to know that I am not alone in having difficulty in actually finding a pair of scissor when I need them. One would think that a dozen or so pairs would make them easily accessible!!

I love the flowers!



Will I send every one in a frenzy if I post this auction number for a vintage pinking machine on ebay:

Item number: 360249938505

It is a buy it now for only $29.99! It looks like it needs a bit of oiling, but it is a great price!

; )


This reminds me of when I had serious paper cutter envy. I went to a friend's to make homemade Valentine's for the first time. Another friend arrived (that I didn't know) with an antique paper cutter. The blade was a deckle edge. It was so cute and little I really coveted that paper cutter. REALLY. Love your pinking machine. It's so great! Have fun with it.

When I first started sewing (early 60's) the "hot" scissors to have were "electric" scissors - they had a cord and you plugged them in. I still have them in the old vinyl covered sewing box on legs that I got when I was first married and starting accumulating lots of sewing "stuff" (in 1968!!) Guess they are both "collectibles" now! I also got the five bladed scissors - from the "Martha" collection. How do you make those flowers?!

wow! you got quiet a collection Andrea and some are new things to me.. I never know there is a scissor with many blades.. and that vintage paper cut is awesome find!

have a good weekend!

I ran off to eBay along with everyone else to see if 360249938505 was still there. Of course not - LOL! But there is another one - 130382455570 - with several bids and can't help but wonder if a few of the folks here are bidding over there. Have fun and good luck!

I have several pairs of regular scissors all over my house...all sizes and many colored handles. I have a few pairs of the fancy edged paper cutting scissors (of COURSE one is deckle edged) and a pair of pink handled pinking shears. I have one of the new plastic paper cutters for scrap book paper and card stock, several box cutters, a utility knife or two, an X-Acto knife, a pocket knife and a straight razor. I bought an EK Success large scallop circle punch today. I'd LOVE to have one of the huge old school guillotine paper cutters...but I must say...I have NEVER EVER seen anything quite so cool as that vintage pinking machine that was in the CL issue! LOL Yep, I'm one of the ones who saw it, and I go back to that issue often to dream. :o)

absolutely fabulous! I have a bit of a scissor addiction, which I put down to growing up in a house that had 4 children, 2 adults and 1 pair of oversized scissors we called 'the shears' that were always missing! (And blunt too, I should add)

And yes, even with my ... lets just call them 'lots' ... of scissors, I am often hunting high and low for a pair. They live in the same place as all the odd socks! :O)

love that machine. Have never seen anything like it. It's fantastic.

Cool contraption! And I have just have to get a pair of those multi-cut scissors.

The hunt is on! Thanks for sharing :o)

Hugs to you my friend...I have not visited for a while and I miss you!!! Off to read all the post I missed. I adore your scissors..only you can make them look so lovely. xoxoxo

I never knew there was such a thing as a pinking machine! Have recently seen several of the old fashioned ruffling irons though. I wonder...do you suppose they would work on paper too?!

I've also never seen the fringing scissors. What great, fun tools you have!


I found a pinking machine at the same place you found your's in F'burg. Mine pinks sharper and I like your's better. The first day I got my craft room back together after having hardwood layed in it the machine fell off and left a nice ding in the floor! They are so heavy! Now I need the fring scissors! Thanks for spending my money! See you at noon on Wednesday!

Truly fascinating, Andrea! And I totally love how even your scissors take a beautiful photo. Your posts always make me happy.

I got one of those "fringing scissors" from MOMA at Christmas for my husband's stocking...to quickly shred mail, etc. Ha...I really wanted them for myself to make cute little fringed things! He caught on to that fairly quickly!

Oh Andrea! What a neat post. I have an Idea how about you link this post to the Etsy Cottage Style Blog. I'm Co-contributor and these Fancy Cutters would go right along with the Vintage Alphabet Party..the letter is E and F for this month. Hope you can stop by and check it out!

Oh I've got all sorts of scissors but I've never seen that antique one! Thanks for the tip about the one with a lot of blades- we have one in the office and we bought it for shredding documents when you don't need to shred a lot!

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