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April 17, 2010


What a fun post! I envy your tools!

Can I come over and play with all of your cool tools? Who knew?

Those scissors are great! And I love your pinking machine!~~~XXOO, Beth

I love your blog! Just wanted to let you know I've given you some blog awards on my blog-thanks for the inspiration!

I love your selection of scissors and especially that pinking machine! I love scissors so much that I have a tattoo of an antique pair on my arm. :) Whenever I can't locate a pair, I make a wish for them to turn real so I can use them.

What a merry little post! Nonsense has never been so pretty! The pinking machine is wonderful! I remember that article. Have you seen a rather recent one on antiquing tape measures? Oh la la!

Oh my goodness I am laughing! While moving into my new studio space I have been in shock at home many scissors I have too. It's kind of pathetic because I found several of THE SAME KIND! Oh dear! I have some of those amazing ones from France too....AH.mAz.inG!! You lucky duck to have them. Do you still sell them? I think I need another pair (kidding!) xoxo Molly

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