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April 12, 2010


Such pretty fabrics!

I always love your snapshots of all the little things you have around your lovely home. Everything so pretty.

BTW, you don't need much to look pretty. I bet you must be glowing. Have a wonderful Monday:)

The muffins look delish...recipe please (beg, beg)! x

Loved your new pictures - I check your blog everyday as it's always so pretty and fun to read. I like the new pictures! Hoping you will publlsh an "in progress" picture of the nursery!

Lovely pictures...yummy muffins and fabric. C:

just lovely. I like taking 'photos of my day'. I find that quite often they say more than words.


Ohh, those knobs are so sweet. They look just like little meringues!

: )

Julie M.

Oh my...you have some yummy things in your kitchen:)

Delicious moffins!!!

beautiful photos Andrea...the chocolates look delicious...there is a little family owned italian shop just around the corner from me...with baked goods, and imported things, etc...i wish they carried these candies...they really do look pretty!!!

Such a fun post full of the best goodies...

I hope you had a great day! youre surrounded by such pretty things, how could you not!?

Hi Andrea
Where did you get the recipe??? Lori

Beautiful photos. Hope that shirt covered the 'belly'

bella! what paint did you use on those knobs, they look like confections!

Thanks for the recipe info! You'll have to pop over for a give away!! Lori

love those rosey knobs!

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