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April 28, 2010


Good Morning Andrea.... Beautiful Flowers!

Here in Northeast Tennessee my Azalea is not quite blooming. It's very large and white. So beautiful!

Have a Great Day!

ruth ;)

Beautiful Andrea!!! I'm just excited the frost here in Minnesota hasn't destroyed my pea plants, I can't even imagine having such beautiful blooms so early in the spring!!
Those Azaleas are sooooooo pretty!!!
I hope you have a great day surrounding yourself in the goodness of Mother earth!!!

Oh Andrea, your yard looks like a rainbow of color! So very beautiful:) I love azaleas, but can't seem to keep them alive here in the Midwest:( Enjoy your lovely blooms!

your azaleas are beautiful. ours finished about a week ago--when it finally rained. enjoy them while they last, and thank you for the beauty you shared!

a glorious post, Andrea :o) Such beautiful flowers. I love your lily of the valley, and am very jealous. They are a favourite of mine, but every time I plant them in the garden they just vanish without a trace :o(


My, oh my, your flowers are wonderfully beautiful! Love all that color. :> Our yards are mostly green, but our roses in the back are beginning to bloom in yellows, pinks, deep reds, & white. And the hydrangeas will take off soon enough.....the colors are always a surprise depending on the soil's pH that year. I came here by way of Karyn's French Charming. So glad I did! :>

how gorgeous Andrea...my blooms are pitiful in comparison...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandfather's passing, Andrea. I hope you're doing well. I'm sure we're both counting down the days until our sweet baby girls arrive. The end is always the toughest but well worth it. : ) Take care and God bless.

~ Wendy

You must have the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood, Andrea! Those blossoms are gorgeous.

These are gorgeous! Our azaleas are nearing the end of their bloom. I was in VA earlier this month and saw the beauty that was beginning. The lilies of the valley are one of my faves - their aroma can fill a room with such a tiny blossom.

Andrea your garden is LOVELY! Funny, we live on opposite ends of these United States and yet our climate is so similar. Portland is also rhody and azalea country and this is the most beautiful time of the year.

Is there a secret for growing azaleas because I think they hate me... I would consider myself to have a green thumb but even the 20 year old azaleas that were at this house when we moved in died shortly after my arrival. I have tried to grow them with no success :( I am SO jealous of yours! I live in CA, zone 9 - beautiful azaleas all over town... except at my house!

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