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April 30, 2010


What a beautiful name, Andrea! I'll bet your family is unbelievably excited for Sofia's arrival!

LOve that oh so very italian name! beautiful!

my sophia maria and i are so very excited to see photos of your litte sofia angelina!

absolutley beautiful names. Just gorgeous. I kept our baby name secret until she was born, but then we only told my mum that we were having a girl (she has 3 Grandsons, I wanted her to know!), no one else knew :O)

Gosh, not long now until Baby Sofia is here. I am just too happy for you! xx

What a beautiful name you have chosen for your baby girl...I just love it!

Andrea, too funny...i had a feeling that was to be the baby's name...i don't know why...i love it...i think that is a lovely/sweet name...and the picture Holly painted for her is gorgeous!!!

A beautiful Name! Congratulations...And Sofia is so royal..Please Really Italian my real name is Grazia ugh!!! My family call me Grazia Graziella and Grace and Gracie....So Sofia is great! lol Hugs Grace xoxo

It's beautiful!!

Lovely name! And the "f" is MUCH prettier than "ph"! Good job, George! ;)

What an absolutely Beautiful name you chose. I love it. Can't wait to "meet" the sweet girl.
xxoo Valarie

Oh Andrea, it's just the sweetest name! Sounds like music when you say it out loud:) I'm sure your lil' Sofia will love it! Wishing you well...

It’s a gorgeous name ~ I love it!!! She's going to be one adorable little Italian cutie, with Beautiful Olive skin, like her mom!!!

Awww, her initials are SAS :) Too cute! I have a little Sophia at home myself so I just love that name with or without an "f" in there :) Congrats!!!!

How Funny!!! With her being the only little princess in the house what a perfect name for her… Little Miss SAS pants!!!
Somehow I see her ruling the roost!!!

what a beautiful name! I imagine she'll be as artistic as you too!

Love the "f" in Sofia, beautiful name. Holly is so talented. Cannot wait for you to have your baby girl in your arms. LOL

A beautiful perfect name for a beautiful perfect baby!! I love it Andrea! And your gift from Holly is so beautiful!
I hope you are feeling well!

I love it! Perfect name. :)

absolutely divine, soft and feminine, little Sofia! Rachaelxo

I love it! What a beautiful name. So feminine.

Can't wait to see her.

I adore the name and your blog!

That is a beautiful name! It fits you perfectly, even though I only know you from reading your blog! =)

LOVE IT! My daughter was recently engaged while vacationing with her fiance in Venice! Italy has a special meaning to them. I will have to suggest the baby girl name to her! Do I dare???

They are just lovely!

: )

Julie M...great granddaughter of Sofia/Sofie

My little Sophia Grace and I think it's a lovely name. It was also the name I had picked out for my first child 7 years prior (who turned out to be a boy). I also prefer the traditional Italian spelling with the "f" but it didn't "look right" with our last name so we stayed with the "ph". A wonderful name either way! And how could there be such a thing as "too Italian"! ;)

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