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April 30, 2010


What a beautiful name!! I had to come and peek at what Holly finished!! I got to see the beginning of this in her kitchen and my heart started racing!!! congrats

It's Perfect!!! little Sofia ( Sophia) Loren...My Olivia was almost a Sofia I love her name!!! Sounds good with Sam & Mario..Thinking of you, xo laura

That's a beautiful name. You probably know this...Sophia's biblical meaning is Wisdom. The whole name has a very melodious ring to it.


My daughter and I are relatively new bloggers...it really isn't about Katsui Jewelry and I wish I could get rid of that! Stop by sometime, if you want.

Oh, Andrea, it's the perfect name for your little girl. Princess-y, sweet, classic, just a touch old-fashioned yet it feels new. I can't *wait* to meet her on the blog!

Love lovelove the name!!! Now we just need baby to come to see pics of her too! I bet you are getting anxious....
keeping you in my thoughts and prayers..
xoxo, Tiffany

Gorgeous Andrea! I cannot wait to see her and see who she looks like. You or George. Im sure she is going to be born with a head full of black hair. hee! hee! XOXO,Jenn

What a beautiful name! I named our daughter Sophia Louise. Louise being named after my grandma. Such a soft femine name.

Sofia Angelina is a beautiful name for a very special baby girl. Holly's plaque is just gorgeous!

What a beautiful name! We can't wait to put a face with the lovely name.

I have a little 1 yr old "ANGELENA SOFIA", named after my Italian grandmother. We call her "Lena" for short. Having a little girl is the sweetest thing I can think of. You are so blessed. :)

I love that name, and the Italian way is the best way!!

That name seems to fit everything about your style and aesthetic. I'm so happy that you'll now have a little girl to bestow your beautiful femininity on. You'll love it!

Well I happen to love Sofia with an 'f' because that's what we called our first baby! I wanted the ph, but hubby also insisted on the 'f' because that's the how it's spelled in his family. You have indeed chosen the best possible name in my humble opinion!!

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