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April 01, 2010


that all sounds so sweet Andrea...i hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!!!

Super cute!! I agree-holidays should be a break from the ordinary. Even if it's just your family!

Such pretty ideas you come up with. Your paper dolls are adorable and i love the toleware below. I love your blog because you have such a discerning eye for vintage shabby beauty.

I raised boys, but they always appreciated my holiday displays, no matter how fluffy and foofy and girly it was. Those boys like seeing that I was making the day special. I'll bet your boys appreciate your feathery fun too.

everything is lovely, andrea! we, too, will have a quiet but festive day.


pull out a chair and set another place, I'm on my way!!!

We are doing the same. I asked Gorgeous Girl what she'd like me to make for Easter Lunch, apparently she'd like Salmon!!!!!


Happy Easter xx

I love that I can always rely on your blog for some calming, pastel-y pictures to improve my mood! Your table is going to be beautiful. Have a happy Easter!

That china is beautiful! It's perfect for Spring.

It all looks so fluffy & fun! Have a Happy Easter:)

Happy Easter Andrea ,
I must say ~ I think I'm a teeny weensy itsy bitsy bit envious of all of your feathery fun!!!
How sweet of you to make everything
soooo beautiful and fun for the entire family!!
What a fabulous mom you make!!

Tricia K.

Thanks for the inspiration. I agree...even without a lot of people coming over I still want it to feel special. This will be the first holiday without our dinning room...it is now my studio:-)

Am so happy I visited your blog today. It is just what I needed, a little shot of inspiration.
Both our children live far away and we arn't able to pull off an Easter visit this year so it will be "just" the two of us. Am feeling a little sorry for myself and was thinking, aside from Mass, I might just let it slide bye this year. Thanks for your words of wisdom...

Oh boy do I love your pretty table.

Looks like fun. Happy Easter to you and your family!

Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday! I have the exact set of dishes from my best friends grandma! many pieces! The feathers just scream Spring and Easter, very adorable! Gee I wish you lived near, I didn't get to hang any eggs on my tree,I could have hired your little helper!!!
Happy Easter! Lori

Have a beautiful Easter-I love your table.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter! xx Gypsy Purple

It's amazing and i wishing you a happy Easter..

Oh my goodness that cake looks so yummy, and those Plumes are so BEAUTIFUL! I need to find me some! :)

Leave it to you Miss Andrea to set a table so beautiful and festive! Hope you had a wonderful and yummy dinner with your family! XOXO,Jenn

everything sound so wonderful. I sure love the eggs in laying on the feathers. So dreamy.

You have the most creative ideas! I love the malted milk eggs nestled in the flower. Your collection of pastel colored feathers is lovely. Feathers are so popular right now, aren't they? I hope your family had a memorable and enjoyable Easter holiday.

I love your great, great Grandmother's dishes! Your table looks beautiful. :-)

Ooh this is such a lovely idea!

Pretty, pretty, Andrea! The plumes from the old hats... so yummy! And your great Grandmother's china... she had wonderful taste!

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